From the LinkedIn page of Eugenia Mazurenko

Nov 2

I would like to raise important question
Remember, I am Ukrainian woman, mom, lives and stays in through full scale war. I am from Bucha. Russia liberated me from my success life, from my house and made me homeless. Russia is still killing Ukrainians every day.

Meeting different people around the world, talking about war in Ukraine, telling people my personal story, there is one thing that I don’t understand.

People trying to unite me somehow with “good russians”. Usually, it looks like “I have good russian friend/colleague of mine and want you to introduce for work”.

I am very sorry for saying that, but it hurts very much. It hurts me to hear such suggestions!

Would you introduce Jewish lady to German friend in 1933-1945?

I wish people understood there is no good russian for me, when there are graves of my neighbours in Bucha. Everyday russia makes genocide of my nation.

Iranians are rebelling against their regime, which is helping russia in its war against Ukraine. Russians remain silent en masse.

“Good” russian person should at least raise her/his voice in social media and organising protest marches abroad( I am talking about those who are abroad)

If this “good” russian friend/colleague doesn’t stand against regime, this person should dissolve in other nationalities in country where she or he had moved.

You can say that I am not a tolerant person at all. I do not tolerate everything related to russia and people who position themselves as russians.

ukraine #ukrainewillprevail #russiaterroriststate

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  1. “Would you introduce Jewish lady to German friend in 1933-1945?”

    Nope. And I certainly would not introduce one to their 21st century analogue; the putinazis. Because putinazis are no different ideologically from the nazis.

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