From the FB page of Odesa MP; Oleksiy Goncharenko

Nov 2

(Imperfect translation) :-

Erdogan reported that Russia is returning to the grain deal. The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that they received written guarantees from Ukraine that we will not attack Russia through the grain corridor.

What does Russia’s return to the grain deal mean?

  1. Turkey becomes a substate in the Black Sea. Turkey’s full military dominance is now flowing into economic profits.
  2. Russia has driven itself into a corner. There is no good way to get out of this situation. If the agreement is not renewed, Turkey will continue to transport grain despite Russia. If you renew – everyone understands why it is renewed. Because there is no strength to make a blockade.
  3. Russia is no longer a maritime state in the Black Sea. Russia is unable to physically organize the blockade. Military ships can’t leave Sevastopol. Warships are being destroyed right at their base.
  4. The grain deal is very beneficial to Ukraine. Right now our interests coincide with Turkey. This needs to be used. And to be benefitted from it.
  5. We need a large and strong navy for the future. Otherwise, we will be dictated by other maritime states. This can’t be allowed.
  6. A written guarantee from Ukraine that we will not attack Russia through the grain corridor looks funny and the defeat of Russia. They were going to take over Kyiv in three days, and now, they are asking us for a paper so we don’t attack them.
  7. We need to finish starting and destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet completely.


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