US senator spoke about the preparation of a new aid package to Ukraine for $60 billion

It is noted that this money will help cover some expenses for Ukraine.

The US senator announced a new $60 billion aid package to Ukraine / photo
The US senator announced a new $60 billion aid package to Ukraine / photo ua.

US lawmakers are discussing a big new aid package for Ukraine, which should be voted on before January. Previously, the amount of 60 billion dollars is called.

Republican Congresswoman Adam Kinzinger spoke about this in an interview with the Voice of America.

“Voting for this package should take place before January. I assume that either at the beginning or in the middle of December. It all depends on how quickly we complete our work. I heard a figure of about 60 billion,” the politician said.

According to him, this amount will cover most of the government spending, which will cover Ukraine’s expenses for salaries for the army and so on.

“It should be noted here that this is not a blank check that we will simply sign for Ukraine. These finances will be the corresponding amounts allocated during the next financial year. So this will reimburse the costs until September. We do not want to just give out huge amounts of money and not “We want to make sure there’s accountability. So, if we can get this $60 billion package, if something extreme, unpredictable happens, that money will help us get through at least the next fiscal year,” Kinzinger said.

Military assistance to Ukraine – what is known

On September 21, US President  Joe Biden  announced that Kiev had already received more than $25 billion in aid from Washington. In addition, on October 1, the American leader signed into law the Continued Appropriations and Additional Funding for Ukraine for 2023, which provides more than $12.3 billion in additional assistance to Ukraine.

Already on October 4, Biden announced that Ukraine would receive a new $625 million military aid package.

In addition, the US will send ammunition and army Humvee trucks to Ukraine as part  of a  $725 million aid package. Thus, since February 24, Washington has provided Kyiv with 17.5 billion.

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  1. This is very good. However, Ukraine needs the right kinds of weapons and ammo NOW. The sooner this war can be concluded, the better for everyone … and cheaper. Keeping Ukraine tied down with its potential capabilities will only draw out the war, necessarily. I hope that the West will comprehend these facts as soon as possible.

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  2. I hope this goes through. But in all honesty the EU needs to get off their asses snd begin providing real aid not the bullshit they’ve been doing. US citizens will only put up with so much before they start feeling that they’re only being used.

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  3. All the money will be flushed through the toilet i fear. Just give Ukraine REAL weapons. Modern American tanks, rifles, missiles,u drones etc +soviet planes. If Ukraine will not finally be enabled to win this war, the tide in Congress might turn.

    Liked by 2 people

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