Russians lose over 600 military personnel and 4 helicopters over past 24 hours


The Russian occupiers have lost four helicopters, one plane and more than 600 military personnel over the past 24 hours.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Details: Russian troops have suffered the heaviest losses on the Bakhmut and Avdiivka fronts. Total combat losses of the Russian forces between 24 February and 1 November 2022 are estimated to be as follows [figures in parentheses represent the latest losses – ed.]:

  • 72,470 (+650) military personnel;
  • 2,698 (+12) tanks;
  • 5,501 (+16) armoured combat vehicles;
  • 1,730 (+2) artillery systems;
  • 383 (+0) multiple-launch rocket systems;
  • 197 (+0) air defence systems;
  • 276 (+1) fixed-wing aircraft;
  • 257 (+4) helicopters;
  • 1,415 (+2) operational-tactical UAVs;
  • 397 (+45) cruise missiles;
  • 16 (+0) ships/boats;
  • 4,143 (+15) vehicles and tankers;
  • 154 (+0) special vehicles and other equipment.

The data is being confirmed.


  1. The choppers are dropping like flies lately. Clearly, they are used more by the cockroaches to make up for the increasing lack of artillery and/or ammo.

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    • There used to be a kremtroll retard on the old UT disqus site who had a catchphrase. Nice to repeat it now but with a different meaning: Kill! Kill! Kill!
      Orcs have a choice : come onto Ukraine land to try to murder Ukrainians and end up as a pile of smoking, charred flesh, or stay in their shithole and continue with their hobbies of beating their orc wives and drinking brake fluid.
      What’ll it be scuzzballs?

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  2. Wow 600 yesterday, 950 the day before…these vermin have a hard time learning. I think I’ll stick with my initial observation….the cockroaches are just stupid as a result of three hundred years of inbreeding. They should put a law against incest in cockroach land and I guess also stop fucking goats.

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  3. Great splatterwork AFU! Good to see more red stars being landed. We know the orcs have a knack for littering and AFU has become an expert on recycling.

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