Russian State TV Guest Admits Country ‘Underestimated’ U.S.

By Gerrard Kaonga

A professor at Moscow State University has admitted that Russia underestimated U.S. resolve as he urged the Kremlin to set clearly defined goals for the war in Ukraine.

The comments by Andrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at the university, have gone viral on social media. A video of Sidorov discussing the war on Russian state TV, posted on Monday by the Daily Beast’s Julia Davis, has already been viewed more than 200,000 times.

In the clip, Sidorov calls on Russia to set realistic war goals and makes clear that Russia taking on the United States should not be one of them. He admitted that Moscow had been taken by surprise by the West’s unity in resisting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“What do we currently perceive as our victory? With respect to the special military operation, it’s simple,” he said, saying it would be the “liberation” of the four Ukrainian regions that President Vladimir Putin has annexed. “We’ve even exceeded the plan.”

“We say that we are fighting against the West and NATO, so is our goal to take Brussels? We should clearly define our victory over the West.”

“I don’t think our victory means to take Washington,” he said, adding that this would entall “destroying half the planet in the process.”

“I think that our main goal is to conclude the special military operation,” he said, using the Russian term for the Ukraine war.

He also suggested that Donald Trump‘s term as president, and even the COVID pandemic, had given Russia a breathing space to prepare its economy for the wave of sanctions it is facing now over the Ukraine war.

“Trump gave us four years, realistically, having shot down all sanctions, Trump had given us four years to get ready for what is happening right now.”

“If it was Hillary Clinton, I am 100 per cent convinced everything would have started four years ago.”

During his term in office, Trump often appeared reluctant to increase sanctions on Russia, though he did sign into law sanctions agreed by Congress.

“Meanwhile in Russia: Top Kremlin propagandists ponder what their victory would look like and express their gratitude to Trump and the coronavirus for allowing their economy to survive the sanctions and be able to handle Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Davis wrote as a caption to the video.

Sidorov said Russia was doing a lot to improve its war effort and had concluded the draft of reservists, but he conceded “perhaps we underestimated the adversary.”

“No one anticipated such a consolidation of the West and that Americans would be able to pull it off.”

He went on to discuss the confidence Russia felt about the political turmoil in America around the 2020 election.

“[We said] ‘Oh, they’re about to fall apart. The reds vs the blues, 24 states against 26 states. Some governors are Republican, some are Democrats.

“First, we have to win within our country and then we can talk about defeating them.

“According to all indications, the U.S. is economically preparing to become the great arsenal of democracy,” he said.

Sidorov also highlighted his concerns of Russia falling behind the U.S. and China in an arms race in the coming years as he emphasized the importance of economic growth.

“In the foreseeable future, what the president has been saying for 10 years, what is coming in the years 2030-2035 is the conclusion of all rearmament programs, both the American and Chinese,” he said.

“All rearmament programs have been sped up, [Chinese President] Xi Jinping said they’ll have it all by 2027. Now the United States will speed it up too.

“The matter before us is very serious, we have to rebuild our economy very quickly.”


  1. You might have underestimated the West, but you certainly overestimated the mafia army’s strength. You strolled into Ukraine on your 3 day war, so fucking cocksure and arrogant, you even sent truckloads of dress uniforms for a parade in Kyiv. Now having your arsaes kicked all the way back to Belarus, out of Kharkiv and soon to be Kherson. All your Potemkin army has left, is terrorism against those unable to fight back.

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    • You are exactly Correct!! It is mid term elections here in the states next week, you won’t believe the stories that they are coming up with. Everything the Biden Administration is F_cking Up is all placed on Trump. When are they gonna realize that Trump has been out of office for 2 years, the BLAME GAME HAS TO STOP and take responsibility for their actions!! Our country is a mess now, we are begging for oil whereas when Trump was President, we were a net exporter, so energy independent. EU/NATO/ALLIES/OURSELVES would have no need to worry about fuel and heat for winter, we could have supplied in bulk to where your/our tanks were beyond capacity. Just SO TIRED of reading TRUMP this TRUMP that. Regardless of what party you are associated with, you CAN NOT TEL ME YOU ARE BETTER NOW THAN YOU WERE TWO YEARS AGO. People that were retired are having to go back to work for their 401k’s have lost a tremendous amount of money to where you can’t provide. Everything, and I mean everything cost the average person an addition 8000 plus dollars a year because of Bidens Policies. These are all FACTS, the shit stories they are COMING UP ABOUT TRUMP ARE NOT, but then again, when you have a BIASED MEDIA THAT LIES/SOCIAL MEDIA THAT PUSHES PRO DEMOCRAT and SILENCE’S CONSERVATIVES, its only a ONE WAY VOICE!!
      I will tell you that the weapons being used today is thanks to TRUMP, for when he came into office, our military was depleted of weapons, it was TRUMP that funded the military to the power it is, even though TODAYS LEADERS ARE PUSHING THE WOKE AGENDA, TRUMP rebuilt the weapons supplies!! TRUMP is the only President that did not seek WAR but rathe peace and there was no war under his leadership (except for the FAKE RUSSIAN COLLUSION and FAKE IMPEACHMENTS) that’s the only war he had to fight, that was the SWAMP! TRUMP DID THIS WITHOUT PAY!! HE RECIEVED 1 DOLLAR A YEAR FOR HIS 4 YEAR TERM, EVERYTHING ELSE WENT TO CHARITY. HE LOST MONEY FIGHTING FOR AMERICA. UNLIKE THE CROCKED MONEY LAUNDERING GOVERNMENT, WE HAVE TODAY!!! LONG STORY SHORT, LEAVE TRUMP ALONE!!!

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      • Not to mention whatever one thinks about Donny, he sent the Javelins and he warned Germany about being dependent on ruSSian gas. Obama only sent blankets and castrated radar to Ukraine, and Sleepy Joe opposed sanctions on Nordstream 2. People forget too quickly.

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            • Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — who’s been highly critical of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy — portrayed the U.S. as being blindsided by Putin’s actions. “I think it’s very clear that this whole operation took this administration and the intelligence community by surprise, but it shouldn’t have,” McCain told the Daily Beast.

              “From everything I’ve seen, this was not anticipated,” Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said in an interview Monday. “I think there will have to be a whole evaluation of what our links into Russia are and [into] determining their policy.”

              King said it was evident that U.S. policymakers such as Obama viewed Putin’s move as unlikely — until it happened.

              “As far as the administration, I think they had to be taken off guard,” he said. “They were making these very tough pronouncements that there will be consequences and he won’t do it. I don’t think they would have done that if they were thinking that Putin would do this.”

              Source Politico:

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            • Meanwhile, US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kiev, bearing a $1 billion American loan guarantee, offers of technical financial help, and accusations that Russia was trying to achieve its policy goals in Crimea “at the end of a barrel of a gun.”

              Source Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists:

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              • Had Obama sent F-16’s, air defense systems, helicopters and battleships – Ukraine would not be in such a mess now. But he was afraid of provoking the rodent.

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                • V.P. Biden and others tried to get Obama to send lethal aid but they were ignored. Even if Obama had agreed I doubt it would have been F-16s air defense, choppers or battleships.

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            • Yeliseyev’s roots were in Russia but he ended up serving Ukraine, a different ex-Soviet republic, only to defect when put to the test. NATO military planners now believe Moscow regards people with similarly ambiguous personal links as potentially valuable, should a new confrontation break out with the West.

              In 2014, Yeliseyev was first deputy commander of the Ukrainian fleet, then largely based in Crimea, when Russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms took control of Kiev’s ships and military bases on the peninsula.

              Instead of resisting, Yeliseyev quit and subsequently got a new job: deputy chief of Russia’s Baltic Fleet.

              Yeliseyev, now aged 55, did not respond to Reuters questions sent to him via the Russian defense ministry.

              In Kiev, however, there is no doubt where his loyalties lay. “When he took an oath to Ukraine, these were empty words for him. He has always been pro-Russian,” said Ihor Voronchenko, now commander of the Ukrainian navy, who once served with Yeliseyev.

              In fact, the Russian soldiers were pushing at an open door in late February 2014 – Yeliseyev was just one of many to defect and almost all Ukrainian forces in Crimea failed to resist.

              Source Reuters Aerospace and defense:

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  2. “What do we currently perceive as our victory? With respect to the special military operation, it’s simple,” he said, saying it would be the “liberation” of the four Ukrainian regions that President Vladimir Putin has annexed. “We’ve even exceeded the plan.”

    Just think about this for a short moment. Mafia land conducted a full-scale invasion for full occupation and/or destruction of Ukraine. In reality, it controlled only a relatively small portion of Ukraine, was already thrown out of half of what it had and is steadily losing more areas every day. And this so-called professor calls this “exceeding their plans”!

    And then he said, “The matter before us is very serious, we have to rebuild our economy very quickly.”

    This complete buffoon thinks that mafia land can rebuild an economy that is taking nothing but beatings, has made itself completely dependent on a few trash nations, which are demanding huge discounts on everything it has to offer, is suffering a serious brain drain, a drain of funds and investments and which every economic expert worldwide knows will take decades to recover. And, let’s not forget the very deep corruption, which already stymied every modernization effort for the country’s diseased military.

    I’d say that a brain drain has happened with Andrey Sidorov and it doesn’t bode well for mafia land’s education system.

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  3. This putinoid snot is expressing something pretty similar to putler’s plan: which is to take and consolidate control of those those four annexed territories, “negotiate” a ceasefire and then rebuild his orc vermin for the next massive onslaught/genocide.

    The evil little shitweasel will never stop his savagery until he’s dead.
    Which is why putlerstan must be comprehensively defeated and “operation porcupine” put into action.

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