Possible Izyum 2.0: Two Front Line Directions Where Russians Might Flee to Named

There will be more “goodwill gestures” from the Russian Federation.


A colonel in the AFU reserve has revealed where to expect the occupiers to retreat under the AFU offensive. On where to wait for good news in the foreseeable future, Roman Svitan reported on the air of the Apostrof TV channel.

The interview of the military expert can be found on YouTube.

The military expert named the front lines where there is a chance that the enemy will soon retreat: “The action along the front lines that is happening now suggests that the Russians will be fleeing on some fronts in the near future. We have four sections of the front. On at least two, Kherson and Luhansk, the Russians will be retreating, right as they did near Izyum.”

Roman Svitan described what the occupants are doing to delay the moment of retreat from the two aforementioned bridgeheads: “They are well aware of this, they predict this, this movement, and they are trying to counteract it using terrorist methods. One method is to put pressure on our allies so that someone could stop us in our movement.”

“Those actions that are now taking place in Russia on mobilisation are more declarative. The mobilisation has been going on, and is still going on. It’s just that the mobilization system is too full in Russia,” commented on the situation with mobilization in the Russian Federation the colonel of the AFU reserve.



  1. From the ashes may Mariupol rise again free from rashist shackles. Stay strong Wolverines may you serve the rashists 7 times the hell that was dished to you till 🇺🇦 waves once again above you.

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