It was Partisans! Two Russian Ka-52s were blown up in the Pskov region, Russia by Partisans: An exclusive video


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

video of the work of partisans appeared on the network, who on the night of 31 organized a “bavovna” at the Veretye ​​airfield in the Pskov region of the Russian Federation. There, two attack helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” of the occupiers were destroyed, and two more were significantly damaged.

Exclusive footage published in the Telegram ” Orestocracy “, the author’s channel of the chief editor of OBOZREVATEL Orest Sohar. The video shows how a man prepares and lays explosives under one of the deadly enemy “reptilians” (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news) .

Tap on the link below to watch video:

Recall that the cost of one Ka-52 is about $ 16 million. On the morning of October 31, the press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense reported about a powerful explosion at the Veretye ​​air base of the RF Armed Forces. The personnel of the military unit was alerted to eliminate the consequences of the explosions, as well as “search for sabotage groups.” What exactly caused the “bavovna” was not reported.

It is worth noting that in recent days the “birds” of the enemy have simply fallen. On the day of October 31 alone, Ukrainian defenders shot down three helicopters. Two of them, Ka-52, were eliminated in the Kherson region in three minutes, another, Mi-8, in the Donetsk region. A day earlier, the invaders also lost a Su-25 attack aircraft, which Ukrainian defenders shot down in the south.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

– On October 27, in the Kherson region, Ukrainian fighters inflicted losses on Russian aviation. Within an hour, a Russian Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter and a Su-25 Grach attack aircraft were destroyed;

– On October 31, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 44 of more than 50 enemy missiles from east to west. In particular, 12 Russian cruise missiles and a helicopter were destroyed in the southern direction.

We have only verified information in the Obozrevatel Telegram channel and in Viber . Don’t fall for fakes!*MTY2NzI3ODQ3MC43NS4xLjE2NjcyNzg0OTUuMzUuMC4w&_ga=2.210274517.1165190867.1667134110-17696915.1663247112//


  1. Think an angel had to help them on that one. Did you notice he had to shake the fuse/timer to get it to work. Almighty God is on the side of Ukrainians. No better friend or ally than that.

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