How Russia pays for war


  1. And there you have it. Ukraine’s enemies in order of despicableness:

    Japan (that’s a rotten surprise).
    Brazil (they have just swapped a putlerite turd rightist for a putlerite turd leftist).
    And the vilest of the lot : India, whose fuehrer Modi has found a way for his scum regime to profit from Ukraine’s agony: he buys putler’s oil at knockdown prices and sells it on to other scum countries.
    Not forgetting Germany, whose rulers saw fit to reduce trade with putlerstan.
    By 3%.
    Well done fucktards!

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  2. There are many in this sick world who are willing to earn blood-soaked rubles. I’m especially surprised by the Netherlands and Belgium. They had suffered much under occupation by another fascist regime, which they must’ve forgotten, because they are supporting the fascists in today’s mafia land.

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    • Lovers of money and themselves, May the Queen of Spain use her influence to turn things around I know for a fact she has a great love for Ukraine. Netherlands and Belgium were a surprise to me too. This wouldn’t be happening as much if ruZZia was finally declared state sponsor of terror by U.K. and U.S. , or did U.K. do that already?
      Turkey was no surprise they have played both sides of it, and either under Erdogan or someone else Turkey will get mad eventually and go to war possibly with Iran then Israel. They are also listed among the places that Sir Oh has been quoting from the prophet Ezekiel.
      Come on Japan, really??? There is no honor only shame in dealing with ruZZia.
      Orcs still have troops on three of your islands. Remember that when you’re lining your pockets. China, India, and Brazil no surprise at all, these actions will further tarnish any positive image you three have left and leave a stain of shame that can never be removed.

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