Forbes: Russia spent $760 million on its Oct. 31 mass attack on Ukraine


According to Forbes Ukraine, on Oct. 31, Russian troops fired at Ukraine 55 Kh-101 cruise missiles, 22 S-300 surface-to-air missiles, one Kh-59 aircraft missile, and five drones of various types, which in total amount to about $760 million.

On Oct. 31, Russia launched a mass attack on Ukraine’s energy system during Monday rush hour for the third time in the past month.

Ukraine’s Air Force reported that it had downed 44 cruise missiles fired at critical infrastructure facilities in Ukrainian cities.


  1. That’s only one day, mind you. That could build a lot of toilets in mafia land, or fix some of its deplorable, pock-marked, disintegrating roads, or shaky, squeaky railroads, or its leaky, rusty water lines, and sewage lines, or fix its dilapidated hospitals and schools.
    But, no, the stinking little old rat wants to destroy Ukrainian cities and infrastructure instead. Mind you, with ZERO military value.

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    • After all these centuries the Moskali never figured out it is easier and more friendly to build yourself up rather than tear down your neighbors. Same with sports, they dope instead of work hard, same with media, they rather lie than research the truth, and at home with giant curtains to cover up the villages around Sochi during the Olympics.
      Its entirely possible if they were a democracy all these years they could be leading the world…as they would like to be, today. But they’ve chosen the criminal path and for that they have not advanced in any vector of life except corruption and destruction.

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