What follows is absolutely horrific. Apologies in advance; it is painful and heartbreaking to read



  1. I used to believe that “brand name” politicians, media figures, performers, and “celebrities” who endorse this genocidal fascist regime should be interned for the duration of the war.
    I still think that, but the worst ones should lose all their assets and do ten years in a jail with perverts, terrorists and other violent freaks.
    Every endorsement for putler is an endorsement for extreme, unimaginable cruelty, brutality, depravity and genocide.
    Btw, the DM always attracts hordes of filthy kremtrolls. For this extreme article they have made comments to be pre-moderated.
    Glory to Ukraine and death to putinoid filth!

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  2. The RF is a fascist crime syndicate. Such cases prove it. Many others have proven it, and many others that follow will prove it. Then, why are there still so many who offer their asses to the evil, foul, spittle-drooling little freak, Vlad Putin?

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