Ukraine’s aircraft strike Russian strong points, anti-aircraft defences and clusters of personnel and equipment – General Staff report

31 OCTOBER 2022

Over the course of the past 24 hours, Ukraine’s aircraft carried out 21 airstrikes on Russian forces, striking several strong points, anti-aircraft defence systems and clusters of Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 06:00 on 31 October

Quote: “Over the course of the past 24 hours, Ukraine’s defence forces have repelled the occupiers’ attacks in the vicinity of Zelene (Kharkiv Oblast); Bilohorivka, Mykolaivka and Novoselivka (Luhansk Oblast); Avdiivka, Bakhmutske, Vesele, Vodiane, Maiorsk, Marinka and Novobakhmutivka (Donetsk Oblast).”

Details: Over the course of the past 24 hours, Russian forces carried out 5 airstrikes and 4 missile strikes, as well as over 90 attacks using multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS).

More than 20 Ukrainian cities, towns and villages came under Russian fire, including Kupiansk (Kharkiv Oblast), Siversk (Donetsk Oblast), Nova Kamianka (Kherson Oblast) and Bereznehuvate and Ochakiv (Mykolaiv Oblast).

There were no significant changes on the Volyn and Polissia fronts. The Republic of Belarus is continuing to support and aid Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and its people. Russia is continuing to deploy units of its forces to Belarus. There is an ongoing threat of missile strikes from the territory of Belarus, including with the use of attack UAVs.

On other fronts, the Russians continued to fire on military and civilian targets:

  • On the Sivershchyna front: Russian forces deployed mortars and tubed artillery to fire on areas in and around Halahanivka (Chernihiv Oblast) and Pokrovka (Sumy Oblast);
  • On the Slobozhanshchyna front: Russian forces deployed tank guns, mortars and tubed and rocket artillery to fire on areas in and around Hatyshche, Kamianka, Krasne, Starytsia and Ohirtseve (Kharkiv Oblast);
  • On the Kupiansk and Lyman fronts: Russian forces deployed various types of artillery to fire on areas in and around Tabaivka and Terny (Kharkiv Oblast); Hrekivka, Kovalivka, Karmazynivka, Makiivka, Novoiehorivka, Nevske, Ploshchanka and Chervonopopivka (Luhansk Oblast), as well as Zarichne and Yampolivka (Donetsk Oblast);
  • On the Bakhmut front: the Russians deployed tanks, mortars and tubed and rocket  artillery to fire on areas in and around Andriivka, Bakhmut, Bakhmutske, Bilohorivka, Verkhnokamianske, Maiorsk, Opytne, Siversk, Soledar, Spirne and Yakovlivka (Donetsk Oblast);
  • On the Avdiivka front: the Russians deployed tank guns, mortars and tubed and rocket artillery to fire on areas in the vicinity of Avdiivka, Vodiane, Krasnohorivka, Marinka, Novomykhailivka and Pervomaiske (Donetsk Oblast);
  • On the Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia fronts: the Russians deployed tank guns, mortars and tubed and rocket artillery to fire on areas in and around Vremivka, Vuhledar, Mykilske, Pavlivka, Paraskoviivka and Prechystivka (Donetsk Oblast) and Dorozhnianka, Malynivka, Novodanylivka, Olhivske and Pavlivka (Zaporizhzhia Oblast);
  • On the Pivdennyi Buh front, around 20 cities, towns and villages situated along the line of contact came under Russian fire, including Bilohirka, Davydiv Brid, Myrne, Nova Kamianka, Pravdyne and Chervone (Kherson Oblast) and Kyselivka and Ternovi Pody (Mykolaiv Oblast).

Russian occupation forces are continuing to dismantle mobile phone tower equipment in the temporarily occupied territories in Kherson Oblast and transfer it to Donetsk Oblast in order to maintain and expand coverage of the so-called “national” [i.e., Russian – ed.] telecommunications operators.

Some units of Russian forces are continuing to prepare to evacuate personnel and equipment from the right bank of the River Dnipro in Kherson Oblast. To this end, they are checking the numbers of river vessels available, building pontoon crossings and frequently checking whether barges have been serviced and are ready to undertake crossings. Ukraine’s defence forces have destroyed two such barges near the Antonivka bridge in the past several days.

The General Staff has confirmed Russia’s losses over the course of the past several days: the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a convoy of Russian military equipment in Kherson Oblast and an ammunition storage point and five pieces of military equipment in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, where they have also killed up to 120 Russian military personnel..

On 30 October, Ukrainian aircraft carried out 21 airstrikes, including 15 on clusters of Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment, 2 on platoon strong points and 4 on anti-aircraft defence systems.

In addition, Ukrainian anti-aircraft defence forces struck down a Russian helicopter and a Su-25 fighter jet.

Ukraine’s Rocket Forces and Artillery struck a Russian command post and an anti-aircraft defence system.

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  1. While the mafia forces are attacking civilian targets again, UA forces are destroying mafia military targets. This big difference in combat methodology is what will bring certain victory to Ukraine. We can say thank you to the stupidity of ruskie generals, who got their ranks due to not what they know, but who they blow.

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