“The Ukrainians are not like the Russian; they are a separate species of Slav.”

John Steinbeck

From the LinkedIn page of Volodymir (Vol) Berezhniy

Oct 30

“In Kyiv, people laughed in the streets.”

“Although Kyiv is greatly destroyed while Moscow is not, the people in Kyiv did not seem to have the dead weariness of the Moscow people. They did not slouch when they walked, their shoulders were back, and they laughed in the streets. Of course, this might be local, for the Ukrainians are not like the Russians; they are a separate species of Slav.”

John Steinbeck, 1947. https://g.co/kgs/doS4yA from https://whatisrussia.org/


  1. It was true back then, and it is true even today. That’s why the Ukrainians got rid of their worthless, corrupt, criminal president in 2014 and the ruskies admire their worthless, corrupt, criminal president.

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  2. I’m glad he recognized the difference, it’s definitely true, and perhaps such a distinction is better described that way. But what time was he recalling in 1947? Were the Ukrainians able to laugh and smile in defiance of the soviet imposed Holodymyr?

    I ask mostly because as an American, the focus of my history lessons wasn’t about Ukrainian history, naturally. I only found out about the Holodymyr when I resolved to learn more about the history and culture of Ukraine. I owe it to my lady to learn as much as I can about the people who formed her, and the heritage she brings to the family we will have. I read Anne Applebaum’s “Red Famine,” but are there other good studies of Ukrainian history?

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    • There may not even be such a thing as an “ethnic Russian.”
      Ukrainians are European Slavs, like the Poles and Czechs.
      Russians have some Slavic blood but are a mix of Finno-Ugrics, Veps, Mongols and others.
      Some of the more evil Russian leaders often have a lot of Mongol blood. Historical examples include Ivan the Terrible, Lenin, Brezhnev and of course putler the terrible, who has a predominant Mongol/Vep look.
      Although in fact putler was created in a lab by Dr Josef Mengele, who blended the DNA of Hitler, Lenin, a rat and a poisonous snake.

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  3. https://archive.org/details/scythiansgreekss00minn/page/32/mode/1up?q=Androphagi
    Scythians and Greeks : a survey of ancient history and archaeology : Minns, Ellis H Publication date 1913.. 720 pages | while “russians” are just Muscovites who descend from androphagi katsaps(butchers) and cannibals like Herodotus said, they are not SLAVS but slaves

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