Superhot rocks – up to 752F – located 12 miles below the surface could provide LIMITLESS clean energy worldwide, but current drills can only dig 8 miles down


  1. The Daily Fail strikes again.

    This is nothing new, way back in the 1970’s Thermal energy was being discussed in Southampton following the ‘miraculous discovery’ of it below the City. It was declared that all Civic buildings would be heated and powered by it.

    I have no idea if it ever happened.

    Over the years I have heard of so many of these ‘great ideas’, if they had all come to fruition we’d all have flying cars by now.

    What is lacking, as ever, is the Political will.

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    • The existence of hot rocks is nothing new. But the existence of a vast network of superhot rocks is new. Plus, the technology does now exist to tap this unlimited energy source.
      It is the above, plus another old idea revitalized: cold fusion, that will soon put nazi vermin like putler out of business forever.

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      • A “Clean Air Task Force” report does not necessarily translate into something scientifically feasible. A law of physics maintains that heat lost is equal to heat gained. Therefore if heat is pulled from one place, heat is lost in the other place. If we bring heat to the surface it is lost from 12 miles down.
        What is the effect of this? Nobody knows, but logic tells us it could possibly affect the entire planet and mathematics would tell us it is possible to cool the core which could lower the surface temps…which in turn could cause MORE energy usage…not less.

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    • I think the oil giants have a say about cheap energy, even if it would help save our planet. We know that they own a large part of our political monkeys.

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