Russian State TV Blames Sitcom ‘Friends’ for Decline of the West


RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan seen during the Valdai Discussion Club’s plenary meeting, on October,21,2021, in Sochi, Russia. Simonyan appeared to blame the “Friends” sitcom for the alleged decline of the West on state television this week.MIKHAIL SVETLOV/GETTY

Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of state-run news channel RT (Russia Today), appeared to blame the Friends sitcom for the alleged decline of the West when discussing the Ukraine war.

Speaking on Russia’s state-owned Channel 1 on Sunday, the pro-Kremlin Simonyan, 42, questioned what the meaning was of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“What is this fight all about? This war is for our right to have our children be like us and not like them. It is a gulf between us and our children and them and their children—a mental, cultural gulf,” she said, according to a translation provided by Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to Ukraine’s minister of internal affairs, who also posted the video on Twitter.

“Thirty years ago, when I myself studied in the States, it seemed we are so similar. And we really were alike,” the RT editor-in-chief continued.

“It was just beginning then—the very first gurgles of now already boiling ultra-liberal borscht—they were small then, it was hard to notice them.

“You had to have very good eyesight to notice it in the 1994 TV series Friends, for example, which is probably the most popular American TV series of all time, such a personification of American culture.”

She then talks about the first scene in the 90s sitcom, when one of the protagonists Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) is confused and sad because his wife left him for a woman.

“[H]is wife left, left for a woman, discovering after several years of marriage that she was a lesbian. And all this is shown so sympathetically: she seems to be right but he is not quite right. This is 1994,” Simonyan said.

“It was also impossible to notice frenzied propaganda in this, because it was so rare, so fresh, so interesting. And now we have what we have. And we will not jump over this [gulf].”

“We’ll either save ourselves—the way we have to do it now, or we’ll be there,” she added.

Newsweek has contacted NBC, the channel that initially aired Friends, for comment.

She appeared to be suggesting that Friends was showing pro-LGBTQ+ propaganda and that the war against Ukraine was pitting Russian values against Western values. LGBTQ+ Russians often face legal and social challenges in their country.

On Thursday, October 27, Russian lawmakers unanimously voted for a bill that forbids spreading “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors and adults. It essentially expands to adults a 2013 law that makes providing information about LGBTQ+ issues to children a criminal offense.

A poll released by Statista in October 2021 revealed that 38 percent of Russians said they were “disgusted or scared” of homosexuals, while 32 percent were “calm, without any specific emotions.” Some 13 percent said they were “irritated” by gay people and 3 percent said they felt “friendly” towards them.

The war in Ukraine began on February 24 when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his “special military operation.”

Over the weekend, Russian state TV host Vladimir Solovyov said that the war in Ukraine was set to become a “gigantic European war.”


  1. This sort of ruskie propaganda is a classical grasping at straws. They are nitpicking at every little thing about the West to make their shithole look better than it really is. They like to ignore the fact about millions of ruskie women who are lesbians (and millions of gay ruskie men). Why do so many ruskie women prefer other women? Because so many ruskie men are drunks and wife-beaters. Wife beating is a national sport. At any rate, it’s not against the law to beat your wife in mafia land. This woman, Margarita Simonyan, should know this and lambaste the mafia regime for having such misogynistic laws, instead of bringing up such frivolous and unimportant junk.

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  2. I’m beginning to believe that “stupid” is a revered trait in this moronic culture. Cockroaches actually believe this stupidity. Must be the over three hundred years on in-breeding.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. My favorite sitcom in the 90’s was ‘Married with children’. Al Bundy was some kinda menthor for me. He tought me how to endure this shitworld with the proper portion of humor and sarcasm. I watched ‘Friends’ occasionally back then. Anyway, the ruskies got almost all screws loose now.

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    • They complain about lesbianism while they are murdering innocent women and children every day, since 8 months. You can’t get any sicker than a ruskie of the 21st century.

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