Russia threatens to “inspect” ships in the Black Sea without the participation of other participants in the “grain deal”  

Russia will carry out “inspection” of ships in the Black Sea that have already passed the control of the trilateral group within the framework of the “grain corridors”.

This was announced by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vasily Nebenzya. The ongoing actions of the grain deal, despite the attempts of the Russian Federation to disrupt the process of exporting Ukrainian food, he called “abuse.”

“Given the existing facts of abuse of the humanitarian corridor and, in general, the fact that the Black Sea remains a war zone, we cannot allow the unhindered passage of ships without our inspection and we will be forced to take independent measures to control dry cargo ships that have passed through the Joint Coordination Center without our approval,” Nebenzya said. .

Recall that on October 29, Russia announced that they were  withdrawing from the grain deal. Despite this, on October 30, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN agreed to continue food exports and confronted Moscow with this fact. On the 31st, 12 ships left Ukrainian ports.



  1. With them backing out of the deal they forfeit any participation in inspections. Any ruZZian vessel attempting to inspect, interfere, or harass shipments need to be sunk immediately.

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