Putin on negotiations with Ukraine: We can wait

31 OCTOBER 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has complained that Ukraine does not want to hold “peace talks” with the Russian Federation and has said that he will wait for Ukraine to agree to such talks.

Source: Vladimir Putin during a press conference in Sochi

Quote from Putin: “We reached an agreement with them in Istanbul, but they’ve thrown all of that into the bin. And now they’re refusing to discuss anything with us. How can we talk about possible agreements if the other side has no desire to even talk to us? Well, we can wait. Maybe some necessary conditions will eventually arise; we have made our good will known. It is beyond any doubt and won’t change.”


  • On 27 October, at the plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attacked Ukraine and violated the international order, said that sooner or later the West would have to start “a dialogue on an equal footing“.
  • Afterwards, the press secretary for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, claimed that the basis for negotiations between Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden could be the desire of the United States to listen to Russia’s “concerns” about security guarantees.



  1. Reading the rat’s words convinces me that he is desperate enough to wanting negotiations with Ukraine to begin as soon as possible. He’s around 6 months too late, when it was Ukraine who wanted to negotiate a peace deal.

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  2. I don’t believe we ever entered into an agreement in Istanbul or any other part of this universe with these vermin. It’s simple…get the fuck out of country…period, full stop.

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  3. The majority of the world no longer gives a crap about pootin’s “concerns” at this point we just want him to die along with the followers of rashist putinism.

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    • The majority of the world dreams of him and his horde to just dropping dead. Many wish lots of pain and suffering before their last spasms of death.

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