Partisans in Sevastopol say hello to Putin: video

31 October 2022

Translated from Ukrainian via Google

As a result of a large-scale “bavovna” in occupied Sevastopol , at least three ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation were hit – in the Sevastopol Bay, the partisans filmed a video against the background of a burning object and said hello to the Russian aggressor.

The video appeared at the disposal of “Apostrophe”.

The video shows leaflets on which the names of three Vladimirs are written – we are talking about Vladimir the Great, the Baptist of Russia, the Little Vovochka – the Russian aggressor and Vladimir Zelensky – the current president of Ukraine. It is reported that it was Little Johnny who stole the peninsula, but soon everything will fall into place, because Crimea is Ukraine.

Earlier we said that Russia officially confirmed the attack on the military installations of the Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea.


  1. Not only in Sevastopol. There are partisans and pro-Ukrainians in other areas of the peninsula. They are helping however they can. They are waiting for Ukrainian forces to sweep away the cockroach swarm forever.

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