An agent of the special services of the Russian Federation prepared the murders of Reznikov and Budanov

His “test task” was to kill the head of one of the combat units


The agent of the Russian Federation was preparing a series of murders /

Kyyanin planned a series of murders of politicians and soldiers on the order of the Russian special services.

This is reported by the Prosecutor General’s Office.

As the investigation established, the suspect was recruited by a resident of Luhansk region, who since 2014 supported the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and personally participated in hostilities on the side of the aggressor country in the ranks of the so-called “people’s militia of the LPR”. After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, he was on the territory of Russia, where he began to cooperate with representatives of the General Staff of the occupying country.

“Approximately in May 2022, the man received from the Russian curators the task of carrying out preparations for the commission of the murder of a citizen of Ukraine – the head of one of the units fighting with the aggressor. For this, he engaged an executor – a man from Kyiv, who agreed to carry out the order, which included monitoring the object and its subsequent liquidation with the use of firearms,” ​​the message says.

The Prosecutor General’s Office notes that the killing of the head of the combat unit was supposed to be a “test” task before the execution of other contract killings of political and public figures of Ukraine – the Minister of Defense, the head of the GUR, one of the leaders of the “National Corps” – in the past the commander of the reconnaissance regiment of the Ukrainian military unit. Azov”, adviser to one of the ministers and others.

For the murder of each of them, the Russian curators promised a reward in the amount of 100 thousand US dollars.

In August of this year, a Russian agent was detained in the Volyn region. He is currently in custody.

An indictment was sent to the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv on the facts of treason, preparation for the commission of intentional murder, participation in armed formations not provided for by law, and a terrorist organization.

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  1. “His “test task” was to kill the head of one of the combat units”

    If this sounds like a method that an organized crime group or a street gang would use, you are right. The Russian Federation is the world’s largest crime syndicate.

    Good job, SBU!

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