Activists from Kalmykia, Russian Federation, declared independence: will other regions of Russia support the flash mob?

October 30, 2022

Yakovenko about what will lead to the collapse of Russia 
/ Collage of 24 channels

The activists supported the declaration of independence of the Republic of Kalmykia from Russia. Under certain conditions, this could be the beginning of major transformations in Russia.

This opinion was expressed by Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko to Channel 24 . The document on independence was accepted by the participants of the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people.

The national activists who drafted the declaration consider complete independence from Russia a prerequisite for preserving the language and culture of the Kalmyks.

Separately, this story has no perspective. However, given the general trend, it could become mainstream, ” the
Russian journalist said.

Aspirations for independence still exist in Tatarstan

According to Yakovenko, the mood for secession is also characteristic of other peoples of Russia. In particular, the journalist recalled that in 1992 a referendum on sovereignty was held in Tatarstan.

This referendum meant not some abstract sovereignty, but the separation of the Republic of Tatarstan from Russia. More than 62% of the population voted for the separation of Tatarstan from Russia,
” the journalist said.

He stressed that the referendum was held honestly and reflected the mood of the people. However, the then president of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev, was threatened from Moscow with a Chechen-type war, so independence had to be abandoned.

“However, these sentiments have persisted in Tatarstan . Even now they perceive Russia as a neighboring state,” Yakovenko noted.

What does the Chechen diaspora achieve in the world?

He added that there were once very strong aspirations for independence in Chechnya. However, now the republic is occupied by the Kadyrovites and Putin’s henchmen. However, recently a statement was made in Lithuania in support of the Chechen people.

The fact that the Chechen diaspora abroad declares the illegal occupation and genocide of the Chechen people and actually claims that the world does not recognize Chechnya as part of Russia is another story, ” the
journalist said.

The idea of ​​separation and independence of the republics will be strengthened

Yakovenko believes that the idea of ​​restoring the independence of individual regions, primarily the national republics in Russia, will be strengthened in the future.

After the security forces at least partially refuse to support the Putin regime, the collapse of Russia will begin. Many factors will converge here that will lead to the beginning of a rebellion in Russia,
– the oppositionist noted.

He added that the mobilized, who are sent to the front in Ukraine, can play a separate role in future protests in Russia.

“They will return with weapons, with empty and burned souls. And also with hatred, but not for Ukraine, but first of all for the authorities and for those people who were in the rear, they did not go to the front,” Yakovenko said.

What can lead to the collapse of Russia

According to him, those mobilized after the war will return to Moscow and St. Petersburg and arrange about the same thing that Russian soldiers did in 1917 when they left the trenches after the First World War.

The Ukrainian syndrome will have very serious consequences for Russia. This is one of the factors that can lead to the collapse of Russia. This probability is quite high,
– said Yakovenko.

Igor Yakovenko suggested that it would lead to the collapse of Russia: watch the video

Is the collapse of Russia possible: briefly

  • President of the public organization “Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine” Artur Kharitonov noted that the aggressor country cannot continue to exist in its current form. It must return the occupied territories to the states to which they historically belong and to the indigenous peoples.
  • According to political scientist Nikolai Davidyuk, there are a lot of territories in Russia that would probably like to gain independence. Ukraine can help in this by directing the war to those territories and provoking a considerable number of revolutions .
  • The Russian oppositionist and political scientist Abbas Gallyamov noted earlier that due to the increased centralization of power, Russia has been heading towards disintegration processes for many years. Many national republics do not like the policies of the federal government .


  1. Interesting development in mafia land.

    “He stressed that the referendum was held honestly and reflected the mood of the people. However, the then president of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev, was threatened from Moscow with a Chechen-type war, so independence had to be abandoned.”

    Now is their chance to pull free from the filthy crime syndicate. Its army is only a shell of its former self, and the rest is currently bleeding to death in Ukraine. Thus, there will not be a Chechen-type war.

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