A helicopter was found in one of the “stale” containers of the Odessa customs  

The Mi-2 multi-purpose helicopter was found by employees of the State Bureau of Investigation in one of the ” stale ” containers at the Odessa customs.

According to the press service of the department, the aircraft could have been performing combat missions at the front for eight months of the war, but the customs was in no hurry with its clearance.

Investigations are ongoing. The owners of the equipment and the circumstances of the movement of the helicopter are being established. A legal assessment will also be given to the actions of customs officials who, in the context of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine, did not take any steps to timely clear the helicopter.

The helicopter was withdrawn, the issue of transferring it to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being decided.

Procedural management is carried out by the Odessa Regional Prosecutor’s Office.  

Recall that the Bureau, as part of the investigation, previously documented large-scale abuses at the Odessa customs: damage to the state in the amount of UAH 300 million has already been recorded.

According to the State Customs Service of Ukraine, “stale” containers contain goods that have signs of counterfeiting (in simple words, fakes that cannot be sold), as well as goods that have lost their consumer qualities.

“You have to understand that the cost of such goods is lower than the costs of their movement, storage and further sale, and in most cases, disposal at the expense of the state budget. That is, it is not economically feasible, ”the department notes.

“During searches conducted by law enforcement agencies, 19 containers with waste plastic production in the form of scraps were found; a container with shoes, 90% of which are counterfeit and subject to destruction at the expense of the state; a container with sewing equipment that contains signs of infringement of intellectual property rights and is subject to destruction at the expense of the state; a container with spoiled pasta with worms, which are subject to destruction at the expense of the state; a container with wine without appropriate certificates, which also makes it impossible to sell it; a container with syringes that expired in 2019, as well as a Mercedes car made in 2001,” says the State Customs Service.



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