Something nice for a change!

Saturday 29th October 2022.

This evening my Wife and I visited the Ukrainian Club in Holland Park, London. There was an evening of traditional folk music and telling of folk tales with a small buffet to follow.

It is a well established and well run place, a small Bar, Ukrainian food is available, not sure about prices as when we left they had closed the Kitchen.

Definitely a place for a return visit, or if in the area!


  1. Nice! Maybe you can give us the address of the establishment? I know a number of Ukrainians who have fled to London, and I would tell them about the place. Thanks.

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  2. Good job Sir Mason. It is very important to support Ukraine in every way you can. I changed my license plates to a version of slava Ukraini, added a Support Ukraine bumper sticker, donate money, buy things from places that donate to UA military, and more. Last week we went to Rich’s Deli in the Ukrainian Village of Chicago and loaded up on salo, bread, buckwheat, horilka, wafers, beer, sunflower seeds and oil and more.
    BTW there were UA flags all over the village which is close to downtown Chicago. It was very heart-warming.

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