Sevastopol: Unmanned surface vehicles hit Admiral Makarov, flagship of Russian Black Sea Fleet

30 OCTOBER 2022

At least three ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, including the Admiral Makarov flagship, were damaged as a result of the unmanned surface vessel [USV] attack on 29 October.

Source: GeoConfirmed, a volunteer-managed outlet mapping the war in Ukraine based on geolocations, on Twitter

Details: GeoConfirmed investigators have analysed footage from the unmanned surface vessels [USVs are speedboat-size vessels that can pack hundreds of pounds of explosives – ed.], which roamed the harbour and the sea near Sevastopol.

The investigators released footage of an attack on an Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate. They concluded that the Admiral Makarov is the only one that matches this description in the Black Sea. The footage stops when the USV hits the vessel and explodes.

Another video suggests that the Ivan Golubets, a Natya-class minesweeper, was also attacked. The Russian Ministry of Defence said that the minesweeper sustained “minor” damage.

One of the videos shows a USV roaming among the docked ships in the harbour, possibly looking for a target. The footage stops when the USV hits the vessel and likely explodes. The footage suggests that the USV was positioned next to at least four vessels and had made almost a complete U-turn to carry out the attack.

GeoConfirmed believes that all the available footage indicates that between six and eight USVs were deployed in the attack, hitting at least three Russian vessels.

GeoConfirmed said that Ukraine was operating the USVs.

Quote from GeoConfirmed: “Based on all available footage, it’s highly likely that: 

  1. USV’s penetrated THE Sevastopol harbour defence
  2. > 6 USV’s were used
  3. At least 3 ships were struck with an USV.”


  • On 29 October, explosions were reported in the Russian-occupied city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula; Russian ships were allegedly “repelling a UAVs attack”.
  • The Russian Ministry of Defence stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had allegedly attacked Sevastopol with drones at 04:00 on 29 October. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation confirmed the damage to the Ivan Golubets minesweeper.
  • Russian Defence Ministry accused the British Navy for allegedly having planned and carried out “terrorist attacks” on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines. The Ministry announced that preparations for the “attack” on Sevastopol were carried out under the guidance of members of the British Navy, who are allegedly currently in the Ukrainian city of Ochakiv.
  • The southern defence forces of Ukraine suspect that failed launches of air defence missiles by the Russian invaders could be a reason for explosions in Sevastopol on Saturday.
  • The Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced that Russia was suspending its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative for an indefinite period.


  1. This was another brilliant move by the Ukrainians! Striking several mafia ships in their beloved Sevastopol harbor with these USVs was a harsh experience for the cockroaches. Judging by the explosions on some videos, the strikes were a smashing success. While the cockroaches watch the skies, the Ukrainians came by sea, via speed boats. And, they made videos of the attacks for all the world to see. Stupendous!

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