Putin’s “cook” demands to block YouTube in Russia

Prigozhin is outraged that YouTube allegedly “spreads fakes, publishes Russophobic content.”

Yevgeny Prigozhin in the photo to the left of Putin / photo REUTERS
Yevgeny Prigozhin in the photo to the left of Putin / photo REUTERS

The leader of PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin asks to block YouTube in Russia.

According to his press service, Prigozhin appealed to Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov with a corresponding appeal.

The leader of Wagner PMC claims that after the start of the war in Ukraine, which in the Russian Federation is called a “special operation”, a “full-scale information war” has unfolded on the network, in which disinformtion and negative attitudes “introduced with the help of YouTube” are actively used.

Prigozhin is outraged that fakes are allegedly being spread on Youtube, Russophobic content, calls for the overthrow of power in the Russian Federation and destructive materials are being published. He suggests replacing YouTube with VK, Rutube, Odnoklassniki, Zen.

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  1. “Prigozhin is outraged that YouTube allegedly “spreads fakes, publishes Russophobic content.”

    Says a shit nugget from the world’s most dishonest and criminal entities.

    Rub your finger against your thumb to play the world’s smallest violin of compassion.

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  2. YouTube has been blocking Americans (and many others) who disapprove of the now discredited method “preventing” the spread of covid by using masks and the baseless ideas of social distancing. The 6-feet (2-meters) rule with those dots on the ground never had any proof or anything to suggest it actually worked. Some people appear to have died from heart failure due to the vaccines as well.

    That said, whatever russian alternative to YouTube there is, would only be even MORE worse for free expression and dissent against the top-down dictatorship. The russian version of what the chinese and north koreans use to hammer down their idea of “truth.”

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  3. Masks were effective in curbing spread of spanish flu in 1918. They helped when used during covid, and they can still curb airborn viruses in the future. That being said however not all masks are created equal. Results will vary on materials as well as proper fit and usage.
    As for the social distancing, omicron and later versions have overcome this by dispersing as microaerosol.

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    • I agree that masks are useful for surgery, especially for preventing infections from dust, hair, lint or contaminants of getting into a wound. But I have seen firsthand how the virus still got around even the use of N95 masks.

      I also know that’s a different discussion now, since the war is more important here, and I concede you do have some good points.


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