AFU Warriors Show Turret Tossing Champions


A video of the explosion of a Russian T-72 tank appeared online. The tank became the “silver medalist” in terms of the height of the turret explosion.

Israeli military expert Yigal Levin on his Telegram channel published information about this.

In the video from a height of several tens of meters, a drone recorded a Ukrainian shell hitting the turret of a Russian T-72 tank.

At first, it looked like only a small smoke above the armoured vehicle.

At some point, it seemed that the flame even went out.

However, in the 25th second of the video, the tank exploded with a “salute” over its turret.

A drone recorded a fantastic trajectory along which the turret of an enemy tank was moving.

Subscribers published a rating of other Russian tanks according to the distance their turrets flew, commenting on the expert’s post. The longest distance was 273 meters.


  1. I can’t wait to share stuff like this with my Liudmila! She is scared to death that I would get hurt in coming to see her, but she’s hunkered down in an outskirt of Kyiv right now, safely away from the main combat action. If she’s safe enough there, then I would be too, when I visit. The noble thing to is calm and comfort her. I cannot live with myself as a man if I stayed away while she was in danger, and even the small amount of money I’ll spend for this will indirectly help Ukrainians defend themselves.

    You fight for the righteous defense of your homeland and people, so that alone is a good cause for me. But though you don’t know her personally, Liudmila is also a Ukrainian Lady, so you also fight for her protection too, and I appreciate this VERY much.

    For the glory of God who is aiding us all in this, for the glory of Ukraine’s pursuit of righteousness, and for the glory of America as you defend the same ideals we hold to. We may not speak the same language, but we can be brothers in what we fight for.

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    • Mac, I was in Kyiv in September and there was nothing there that reminds you of a war, unless you look hard enough, like the displays of destroyed tanks by St. Sophia, the sandbagged monuments and the occasional road blocks and Spanish riders. The city is filled with people, traffic and life. So, I wouldn’t be so worried. Kharkiv, Mykolaiv or Zaporizhia would be a different matter.
      BTW, I will return to Kyiv for Christmas and New Years’.

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    • We will all meet in Kyiv to celebrate the victory, clad in Ukrainian flags, proudly wearing our Tryzub badges, we will meet on Maidan for a few drinks and Dinner atостання барикада.

      As we all chanted last night at a certain venue in London;

      слава україні!

      героям слава!

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  2. Agh. Spam filter.

    I’d posted my immense gratitude for this fight, and how you’re defending my lady Liudmila. God is helping us all in this righteous fight.

    For the glory of God, the glory of Ukraine, and for the glory of the United States! We are all one family in this!

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