Video footage of Ukrainian strike in Crimea


  1. Reportedly the orcs new flagship was hit. Looks like they will need another one, if they have any ships left that is. russia not only have the second best army in Ukraine, they also have the second best navy, to a country that has no navy.

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      • Sorry to hear about your ex’s loss of her only child Sir Mike. The senseless brutality of the rashists hasn’t changed much it just keeps expanding into more areas affecting more people.
        Liza or Lisa(seen it spelled both ways) Dmitrieva wasn’t my relative,I didn’t know her personally. But I had heard about her before she was taken from this earth. She was 4 years old and full of smiles for everyone. She was killed in Vinnytsia middle of July when a ruscist submarine fired several Kalibr missiles at her city. Somehow I took her death very hard and still cannot hardly contain myself from weeping thinking about it. She was on her way to speech class when her and her mother were hit. She loved violin music and sunflowers.🌻Here’s an article hard for me to see to type more for you.

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  2. Last I heard the captain of the sub is still in Sevastopol and I’ve mentioned in here that the entire blacksea fleet should be permanently submerged for what was done to her. Today’s events just kinda brought it back to forefront of my heart and mind.

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