“There is nothing”: the occupier spoke about alcoholic commanders and heavy losses (audio)

Enemies drink from puddles due to lack of water.

The occupier spoke about alcoholic commanders and heavy losses / photo REUTERS

The Russian occupier, in a conversation with his relatives, spoke about the deplorable situation in which his unit found itself. There is no water, so we have to drink from puddles, we failed to escape from the front, and the commanders are alcoholics. The enemy soldier also mentioned the colossal losses in one of the Rashist units.

The interception of the occupier’s revelations was published by the press center of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the official Telegram channel.

First, the enemy said in a broken voice that they had no water. But it was not possible to escape from the war zone. He and his colleagues tried to leave, but they were caught somewhere in the Donetsk region.

“F*ck, in short, in general, we’re f*ck. With machine guns against tanks. This is generally insane. Our this one … The commanders all go to shit drunk. They immediately run away, there is no connection with them and that’s it, damn it, “- occupant said.

According to the Rashist, the leadership has supplies, but the rank and file soldiers have nothing. They have to drink water from a puddle. The enemy admitted in a conversation that he had not gone to the toilet for a week, as there was nothing to defecate.

And at the end of the conversation, the occupant spoke about the losses: “One detachment had 100 people, only two survived, they came out of there, from this tin. Tomorrow, most likely, we will leave already light. Take us where you want, because such … it’s all fucking going on. In general, what a horror. Fight as you like. 20 people against 2 thousand.”

Other revelations of the invaders

Last week, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense published the following interception : “I got a little hooked, I’m waiting for evacuation. They said they’ll arrive only at five in the morning … A little bit in the leg, shrapnel hurt my head, they hit my heart in the rib. at five in the morning … They left it here under a tree. Such an attitude is bestial towards the wounded. It will get worse, Promedol will give me an expired injection then. “

Another occupant reported on the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region. At that time, the Ukrainian defenders came close to the positions of the Rashist unit and cut off the escape route.

Employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Region also intercepted the story of the rashist about leaving Liman. He told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine “watered” the opponents with heavy fire, and they were “baptized” along the way.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. 81 years ago, nazi scum came into Russian land (but only after the Ukrainians had already blunted the attack) and they died in huge numbers.
    Now the nazis are RuZZians, except they are even more evil. So why should RuZZian people expect anything different to happen to their own nazi scum when they enter foreign territory illegally and commit atrocities that make isis, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin seem almost reasonable?
    RuZZian people are clearly as thick as pigshit, as well as evil.
    If they have even a small sliver of functionality left in their lizard brains, they should know what to do: kill their leaders, get off all foreign lands, apologize, pay reparations and live peacefully.

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  2. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that sometimes an important concept isn’t learned until it’s personally experienced firsthand. The russians have placed far too much trust in putin, because when he deigned to be “generous” towards russians he actually noticed being more “loyal” than the others, he rewarded them. The russian economy is so fucked up that even those pittances seem like a small fortune to those who have groveled for them. I expect many others haven’t dared a national coup because they don’t want to lose what little they do have, their property, family, and lives. But this means one of two things for the russian people. They can allow themselves to be ground down into the dirt until they are no more capable of anything than north koreans, or they can scream that enough is enough and fight back like the Egyptians did in 2013. Or what the Iranian public is doing now for the government’s harsh treatment against their women.

    When I’ve read about the abuses by morsi and the trends of the egyptian government, I think they were moving towards ideological terrorism. This was apparently halted by the coup in 2013, and a similar situation seems to be happening in iran. They seemed to have learned through firsthand experience, so maybe this is what the russians need to consider. Continue until their people can do nothing grease putin’s machine with their blood, or revolt and take back their lives to earn back their dignity again. Accepting putin’s meat grinder attitude so he can “eat” his people, is certainly not worthy of any respect, if they can fight back. Even they die fighting the tyrant, is living in it any better?

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  3. Agh damnit, the spam filter thinks I’m wasting time here again. I’d written a comment about the tyrannical relationship of putin to the russian people and compared it to pre-2013 coup egypt. About how much a people would, or should be willing to give until they can’t take it any more. I hope that if the Ukrainian government can show this to the russian people, then maybe the russians will be inspired to rise up in their own coup, remove putin and cronies, then to replace it all with a better government. Maybe Navalny to lead it?

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