The expert revealed unexpected details about the ships of the Russian Federation attacked in Sevastopol

The observer spoke about the affected frigate “Admiral Makarov” and the minesweeper “Aquamarine-M” – “Ivan Golubets”.

Frigate "Admiral Makarov" / photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Frigate “Admiral Makarov” / photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

It became known which Russian ships of the Black Sea Fleet were hit on October 29 in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

Several of them were described in detail by the military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko.

According to him, one can definitely talk about serious damage to the project 11356R frigate “Admiral Makarov” and the project 266M sea minesweeper, code “Aquamarine-M” – “Ivan Golubets”.

Kovalenko noted that “Admiral Makarov” is the carrier of 8 Caliber cruise missiles: “It has fired at the territory of Ukraine with this weapon more than once.”

And the minesweeper “Aquamarine-M” – “Ivan Golubets”. took a direct part in the mining of the exclusive economic zone of Ukraine, thereby blocking shipping, the expert noted:

“In any case, as a result of today’s incident, not just a sea minesweeper was damaged, but a full-fledged war criminal who is fully responsible for the food crisis, like other ships of the Black Sea Flotilla of the Russian Federation.”

Frigate “Admiral Makarov” project 11356Р

As Kovalenko noted, in 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine, supplies of a number of components to Russian shipbuilders were stopped. One of these was the M7N2 gas turbine ship installation.

“In fact, Ukraine, with its sanctions, made it impossible to further implement the promising project 11356 for the Russian Navy, and now we can even observe how this project multiplies to zero, by the actions of some unidentified surface objects! After all, there are only three such frigates in the Russian Navy and build new they can’t. Although, mistake, not three, but now two. After all, while the frigate is under repair, it is not in the composition. And how long will the repair last and whether it is subject to it at all – this is an even more interesting question, the answer to which we are also very We’ll find out soon,” he said.

Sea minesweeper “Aquamarine-M” – “Ivan Golubets” project 266M

According to the observer, this ship was commissioned into the fleet in 1973. There are only four such ships in the Black Sea Flotilla of the Russian Federation, and they cannot build similar ones.

“The damage received by Ivan Golubets from some unidentified surface weapon will still be clarified. But the fact that it needs repair is undeniable,” Kovalenko added.

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