Russians are Lying: Analysts Do Not See Significant Progress In Russian Army Both In Bakhmut Area And In Other Areas Along Front Line – ISW

29 OCTOBER 2022

Russian forces are likely falsifying claims of advances in the Bakhmut area, pretending to have made progress in at least one sector amid sustained losses in northeastern and southern Ukraine. This is stated in the text of the next issue of the analytical note from specialists of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

“Russian troops are not making significant progress in the Bakhmut area of the Donetsk Region or elsewhere along the front line,” Washington experts said.

According to American researchers, the Russians are promoting a narrative of significant progress in Bakhmut, which is likely to improve the morale of the Russian troops and improve the personal position of the financier of the Wagner Group Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose troops are largely responsible for the minimal progress in this area.

The occupiers reportedly made a limited advance towards the Ukrainian strong point in Bakhmut, but at a very slow pace and with heavy losses. Prigozhin acknowledged the slow pace of the group’s ground operations around Bakhmut on October 23 and stated that Wagner’s forces were advancing only 100-200 meters per day. This, according to his, as ISW writes, absurd statement, is a normal speed for a modern offensive. The Russians’ claims, as noted, are actually exaggerated.


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