Kherson and Chernobaevka empty: Russians flee with equipment – Khlan

The Russians are transferring equipment to the left bank of the Dnieper and intimidating the local population.

Kherson and Chernobaevka empty: Russians fled with equipment / photo
Kherson and Chernobaevka empty: Russians fled with equipment / photo

From Chernobaevka for the first time since the capture of the Kherson region , the enemy took out all the equipment. There are much fewer Russians in Kherson itself.

Serhiy Khlan, adviser to the head of the Kherson OVA, spoke about this on the air of the FREEDOM telethon.

According to Khlan, there are fewer Russians in the regional center, but they continue to rob the city. And Chernobaevka lowered for the first time in many months.

“There are no preparations for street battles in the city of Kherson. There are no fortifications, no new structures and new sandbags and checkpoints there – all this is not observed. … They said that the evacuation was allegedly completed, but nevertheless they continue to rob. Yesterday it was noted that the occupiers continued to pack the equipment of medical institutions, continued to take out, including ambulances. We saw satellite images of Chernobaevka, which looks completely empty. We all remember, of course, the series when our artillery worked out the equipment of the occupiers. But despite To this, the invaders always used Chernobaevka as a logistics center, because it is logistically convenient for the redistribution of equipment and weapons.See these pictures… Chernobaevka is completely empty of equipment and ammunition.And this is the first time since the occupation of the city of Kherson and the Kherson region,” Khlan says.

The official also notes that the Russians are moving equipment to the left bank of the Dnieper. 

“It doesn’t go en masse to the right, but still the withdrawal of equipment from the left bank, it is visible. They do this in the area of ​​the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station at the crossings in the villages of Lvova and Kazatskoye, towards Novaya Kakhovka, the movement of equipment is visible. Also, this is the movement of equipment in the area Antonovsky bridge on pontoons, mixed with civilian vehicles,” he adds.

As for the civilians, Khlan notes that several thousand people panicked and left Kherson for Russia.

“Some people really panicked and went along with those collaborators who purposefully left towards Russia. It is reported that the invaders provided 1,000 seats in buses every day. Although they say that 30,000 were moved to Russia, you can simply calculate : they took no more than 5-6 thousand to the Russian Federation. They promise 100 thousand hryvnias in the equivalent of a one-time assistance and some kind of housing certificate. It is not clear what kind of certificate it is, where it will be used. But they say that supposedly it can be used as down payment on a mortgage. Maybe somewhere in the Khabarovsk Territory. People are taken out to the Krasnodar Territory, then communication with people is lost,” Khlan said.

The adviser to the head of the UVA also expressed concern that repressions in Kherson could intensify, since mainly people with an active pro-Ukrainian position refuse to leave the city. 

Currently, the occupiers are trying to ensure that as many people as possible leave the city.

“Yesterday there was another explosion in one of the police stations. Let’s note that these police stations are empty. This is the second explosion in the police station. “The Armed Forces of Ukraine are organizing terrorist acts.” That is, the situation is being escalated, they are urging people to evacuate from Kherson,” he convinces.

Liberation of Kherson – latest news

Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, predicts that the operation to liberate Kherson will last until the end of November. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a counter-offensive in the south in August and intensified in October, having liberated more than 90 settlements in the Kherson region by October 24. 

As the Armed Forces approached, the invaders began to evacuate. According to the head of the Kherson city military administration, Galina Lugova, there are already more invaders in Kherson than civilians. Also, the criminal also said that the enemy had mined most of the infrastructure in Kherson and was not going to simply surrender the city.

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Russians were actually simulating an “escape” from the city in order to force Ukraine to transfer troops there from other directions.

It was also reported that the enemy was reformatting its units and preparing for street fighting in Kherson, trying to create a line of defense .

Analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believe the Russians can cover their retreat and prevent Ukrainian troops from moving deep into the Kherson region by blowing up the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. In this case, dozens of cities, including Kherson, will be at risk of flooding.

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