Dozens Of Kadyrovites Eliminated: Video Showing Site Of HIMARS Strike Near Kherson Released

The “Tik Tok warriors” were hiding in a school building.


On October 24, in the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the place of deployment of the invaders-Kadyrovites, who settled in the local school. More than two dozen invaders were eliminated.

Their bodies were carried out of the destroyed building and laid out in rows on the ground. A video from the place of “demobilization” of Kadyrov’s militants was published online.

The corpses of the Kadyrovites were wrapped in green bags. In the published video, you can count about two dozen bodies of the dead invaders.

Obviously, they were being prepared for transportation to Chechnya.

Important to note, that one of the TikTok warriors helped the Ukrainian military by exposing the location of the invaders in Kairy in the Kherson region. He filmed a video at the school where the Kadyrovites settled, and posted it online.

Tap on link below to view video on Telegram.


    • This is what happens when you have no discipline. Maybe if someone had an ounce of brain, they would ban the TikTok soldiers from having mobile phones.

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    • I fortunately rarely encounter cockroaches, but I did have a problem with them in Los Gigantes, Tenerife, a while back. I never forgot the disgusting crunch sound and the foul-smelling sludge-slime that ooozed out after one had perished under my boot.
      I am always reminded of that unpleasant experience every time you write about “eliminated cockroaches.” Although I’m sure the sepulchral smell is even more vile in the case of putinazi cockroaches.

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