China is interested in losing Russia in the war with Ukraine – Feigin

In this case, the PRC will be able to show its unconditional advantage over the Russian Federation.

Economically weak Russia is beneficial to China / photo
Economically weak Russia is beneficial to China / photo

Russian opposition leader Mark Feigin said that China  is interested in weakening Russia and defeating the Russians in Ukraine, since the Russian Federation will seek salvation from China.

He spoke about this on the air of the Espresso TV channel .

“The weakening of Moscow and even a slight defeat in Ukraine are beneficial to China. Yes, of course, if Moscow had won the war in 2-3 days, then this is a different story. It would be possible to write off America and so on. But this did not happen. That is, But Moscow did not win this war, did not capture Kyiv. And why help it get out of this war without losing face? Feigin explained. 

According to the Russian oppositionist, China will benefit from an economically weak Russia. In this case, China will be able to show its unconditional advantage. 

“On the contrary, let Russia lose face, let it crawl on its knees to Beijing, begging him to save the economy, belted with sanctions, deindustrialized, with the military-industrial complex destroyed, with the same destroyed industrial potential, which was low, but now brought to the lowest level, from the country of the third to the fourth world. Specialists left, IT people left, engineers, whom you were going to just use as meat, throw them like minced meat, from which there will never be cutlets, “Feygin added.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Idoubt Xi wants war with the US and our allies…at this time.
    the ukrain war has shown many of Russia’s glaring weakness and created many more.
    On the other hand it has shown the uS has many capiblities China did not appreciate like the ablity to share intelligence and embargo key texhnologies.
    Soon Xi will start thinking very carefully about how he could loose his fleet to the west in an afternoon or take Siberia from a weakned Russia.

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