Russia Recruiting Turkmens In Afghanistan, Promising Land, Cars, Marriage To Girls

How foreigners are lured into war against Ukraine.


Russia is luring ethnic Turkmenistanis living in Afghanistan to go to war against Ukraine.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this, quoting one of his subscribers.

“Russia is recruiting ethnic Turkmenistanis in Afghanistan. They promise to reward the recruits with houses, cars, plots of land, even girls. Any girl that you like will become his, or rather they will help to marry her. All the paperwork will be done. This is what Russian recruiters promise ethnic Turkmen living in Afghanistan. Soon they will bring recruited scarecrows from Pakistan, India, and Africa,” Zhdanov reads the comment of his subscriber.

The AFU colonel then questioned the effectiveness of mobilisation in Russia.

“So this is what we get: the mobilisation won’t help win the war or even stabilise the front? You are recruiting cannon fodder in other countries. Therefore, we must raise the issue of our allies recognising Russia as a terrorist state,” the expert added.


    • And if they mean to offer their own women as slaves then Putler is committing war crimes against his own. They are looking very hard for people that believe their lies since everyone inside Russia already knows about the lies and broken promises. Who is left to die for Putler’s vanity project?

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