Occupants Flee Their Positions In Kherson Region Under AFU Attack

The Russians do not even hope to hold Kherson


Ukrainian defenders continue to gradually advance in the Luhansk region. At the same time, the occupants are fleeing their positions in the Kherson region.

This is reported by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Oskol – Kremenna line.

AFU units confirmed that they had entered the village of Nevskoye in the Luhansk region and set up a Ukrainian flag there. However, occupants are trying to cover up this defeat. According to preliminary information, fighting to the northwest of Kremenna was suspended due to bad weather.

Meanwhile, it is known that Ukrainian forces are holding defenses and attacking the enemy within 10-30 kilometers of the towns of Svatovo and Kremenna.


The situation in the Donetsk region remains tense due to active fighting. The occupants are trying to storm Ukrainian forces near Bakhmut, Soledar, and Andriyivka and so far without success.

Russian bloggers claim intentions to encircle Avdiivka to reinforce their positions near occupied Donetsk.

Kherson Region

According to ISW, Russian troops continued to prepare for defenses on both the western and eastern banks of the Dnipro River. Occupants are likely preparing for street battles in Kherson as they reinforce defenses and fortifications.

However, locals and ISW analysts are recording the escape of the occupants. In particular, Russian soldiers are withdrawing from positions near the front deep into the Kherson region. ISW suggests that the Russians have no hope of holding the city of Kherson, even if they intend to fight for it.



  1. “ISW suggests that the Russians have no hope of holding the city of Kherson, even if they intend to fight for it.”

    They know they can’t, otherwise the cockroach officers, collaborators and other large cockroaches wouldn’t have scurried across the river to safety, leaving all the little cockroaches stranded to die, get wounded or captured.

    What makes me wonder, is how long the cockroach army is resisting, seeing the deplorable supply situation due to the destroyed bridges.

    • It’s taken a bit of time for them to feel it. Ferry crossings stretched it a bit for them. But I get that feeling AFU is about to cut them to pieces Sir OFP.

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