My Twitter ban has been lifted

I was banned for life on Twitter in 2020 for nothing else than having been a follower of president Donald Trump’s account.

I was not even able to create a new account because my name and IP adress were blocked.

Thanks to Mister Musk, who put his satellites into the service of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, i am unbanned, and probably millions more.

A good day for free speech and a blunt for censorship.

I may not agree with Mister Musk’s peace plan proposal, but i’m thankful for what he is doing for the ukrainian military and for our freedom to express ourselves.

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  1. I may not be a fan of Trump but I am totally supportive of free speech and freedom of expression. Also not a Musk fan but grateful for what he did for Ukraine’s communications at such a crucial time as this.

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  2. I think it’s stuff like this that I think Musk sincerely cares about freedom of expression. I’ve also heard about plans from him to moderate Twitter so that trolls don’t fill it with overwhelmingly insulting comments, death threats, or anything vulgar like pornography.

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  3. I heard on the Daily Wire’s (American conservative commentary) audio news report, that Elon Musk has already fired 4 high-level executives at Twitter. Musk has said he’s going to restore a lot of banned accounts, but of course Twitter’s changes are still new for now, so we’re still going to be patient and watch what happens. But if far-left morons like the Twitter CEO is canned now, I think that’s a good sign.

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