Invaders stop supplying food to Kherson, close supermarkets – Khlan


The creation of the territorial defense of Kherson by the occupation regime may turn into a direct mobilization of Ukrainians. The invaders are creating a humanitarian crisis in the city.

Serhii Khlan, a deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, said this at a briefing at the Ukraine – Ukrinform Media Center, according to Ukrinform.

“The latest narrative that the occupiers are creating a so-called territorial defense out of those who remain in the city is a real threat because, according to what Putin introduced regarding the Kherson region as an occupied territory, that means the direct mobilization of our men. Regarding the creation of the so-called territorial defense in the city of Kherson, they continue to escalate the situation and encourage people to go to the left-bank part of the Kherson region allegedly for evacuation, but, in fact, they simply deport many people to Crimea. However, the occupiers plan to use some people on the left bank as a human shield for their military units and equipment,” Khlan said.

He added that in occupied Kherson, there could be not only military, but also labor mobilization of all civilians who remain in the city. To do this, the invaders in the region are creating a humanitarian crisis again.

“Now the occupiers have stopped supplying any products to Kherson and the right-bank part of the region. The markets have long refused to accept roubles, and the only ones to accept them were their supermarkets. […] Russian supermarkets warned that they were working on Sunday as their last day and were taking out their equipment today. Small shops continue to work accepting only the hryvnia,” Khlan added.

He noted that most Kherson residents were able to provide themselves with a certain amount of food, water and find a safe place to wait until the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberate them.

Earlier reports said that the Russians are evacuating the occupation administrations from Kherson and Beryslav to the left bank of the Dnipro River, fearing a counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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  1. Too bad that the residents of Kherson haven’t listened to warnings from Kyiv weeks ago to leave the city in face of the counterattack. They should have known that the crime-ridden cockroach army would do bad things when the situation gets tough for them. This is only the start.

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