The media learned about the breakdown of negotiations between the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Israel

Irina Pogorelaya 08:59, 10/19/22 UNIAN

On October 17, Israel rejected Ukraine’s request for a conversation, although, according to the Ukrainian side, the talks were actually initiated by the Israelis.

Reznikov's talks with his Israeli colleague broke down \ photo from UNIAN
Reznikov’s talks with his Israeli colleague broke down \ photo from UNIAN

A telephone conversation between Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and his Ukrainian counterpart Aleksey Reznikov was scheduled for Monday , but it was cancelled.

This was reported by the Israeli newspaper  Haaretz  , citing sources in the Israeli and Ukrainian governments.

The publication reports that on Monday, October 17, Israel rejected Ukraine’s request for a conversation. Ukrainian officials said it was the Israeli side that actually initiated the talks, and did so a few days ago.

The publication drew attention, literally shortly before the breakdown, on Monday morning, Russia, represented by Dmitry Medvedev, was indignant at Israel’s intentions to supply weapons to Ukraine and warned that such a step would damage ties between Jerusalem and Moscow. An Israeli source said that the reason for Medvedev’s attack was a recent statement by the Israeli Minister for Diaspora Affairs, Nachman Shaya, who called for his country to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

According to Haaretz, attempts to establish coordination between Israel and Ukraine began a few weeks ago. Gantz’s inner circle said the talks were important to the Israeli defense minister and that he intended to talk to Reznikov within a few days. Officials in Ukraine have expressed hope that the planned conversation will focus on the possibility of military cooperation.

The publication recalled that Ganz and Reznikov last spoke in April. At the same time, a Ukrainian source said that the next conversation was scheduled for August 24, Ukraine’s Independence Day, but has since been postponed five times. The source stressed that the call, scheduled for Monday, was initiated by Israel, which canceled it a few hours before the scheduled time.

Israeli officials denied this information. The Israeli defense minister’s office said it generally does not comment on Gantz’s schedule.

At the same time, the official statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that he did not know anything about the conversation between the ministers, scheduled for Monday or any other day.

Israel and Ukraine

On October 16, Israeli Minister for Diaspora Affairs Nachman Shai said that since Iran is transferring ballistic missiles to Russia, Israel should provide military assistance to Ukraine , as the US and NATO countries do.

The next day, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that the provision of military assistance by Israel to Ukraine would destroy all relations of this country with Russia.

On October 18, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine would send an official note to Israel asking them to provide  air defense systems without delay .

At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized Israel for the lack of assistance to Kyiv. So, on September 24, he stated that he was shocked by the lack of assistance to Ukraine from Israel since the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion.


  1. Shameful. Of all the countries that should know what fascism is and fight it, there is silence in Israel. I guess they don’t remember Ukrainians fought for and hid Jews during WWII and it cost a lot of Ukrainian lives. I can’t believe Israel is sleeping with the Kremlin as they commit fascist war crimes in Ukraine. Perhaps Israel wants to be on the list with Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, Syria and North Korea?

  2. Israel has insulted Ukraine, Zel and all Ukrainians. It seems to have backed down due to being warned off by the tiny drunk and gangster Medvedev; who btw is a RABID anti-Semite. (See his “person of a certain religion” slurs about Zel).

    Putler refers to Israel as a “Russian-speaking country.” We all know what that means. There are shitloads of non-observant Russian Jews in Israel. Many or most are no more Jewish than putler is. Many skanked their way in with bogus documentation.

    Israeli journalist Amotz Asa-El recently gave an interview to the putlerite US broadcaster Michael Savage. He claimed that putler is not anti-Semitic, although Russia is an anti-Semitic country. He bases this on the fact that many putlerite oligarchs are Jewish. Actually, most are just criminals with a notionally Jewish background.

    Asa-El is hopelessly wrong. Readers might remember a few years back there was a fire in a Russian shopping mall (might have been somewhere in The Urals) that destroyed a childrens play area. Many children died. Without evidence, putler blamed it on “da Jooz.” It’s a classic anti-Semitic slur to blame deaths of children on Jews.

    Asa-El claims that Israel has stayed neutral about putler’s genocide in Ukraine because it fears another Holocaust against Jews inside Russia. However, he also said that Iran’s involvement on putler’s side is causing a rethink. Intel has apparently been shared with Ukraine as to how to deal with Iranian drones, most of which were reverse engineered from captured US drones.
    Asa-El also claims that RuZZia is hemorrhaging Jews, who no longer think that their lives are safe.

    Asa-El believes that Zel is not popular with Israelis because he is not Frum enough, ie he married a Christian girl. Israelis seem happy to align with a genocidal bastard who has as his key client an izlamonazi regime that wants the same thing for Israel that putler wants for Ukrainians.

    The treachery of Israel will never be forgiven.

  3. If he Israelis would simply read the Bible, they would know that relations with Russia are going to crash. Israel, in fact, is where Russia is going to die.

    • If practicing, Jews do have the Torah and books of the prophets which is what the Christian Old Testament is comprised of. So they have Ezekiel which you seem so fond of referring to. Also there are Messianic Jews that believe Jesus the Christ is the true Messiah. The Most high God has His remnant of His chosen people.

      • Messianic Jews, are actually Christians. Actual Jews, however, have been blinded because they rejected their Messiah. The Essenes, who were contemporaries of Jesus, had predicted the arrival the Messiah to the year, the length of His ministry, and that he would die. The Essenes disappeared because they became a part of the Church.

        There are bible scholars in Israel that are well aware of what is coming. Most don’t seem to much care.

    • If they read Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, they would know that. But, as Paul pointed out, they are blinded for now because the rejected their Messiah.

      • They sure seem to like Rubles in Israel, enough that they can overlook the same things that happened to them 80 years ago. Like we always say here, “Rubles can make you blind.”

        • Because they are blind to what God wanted them to see, they see what is here and “go for the gusto” instead of following the one that chose them. The next “holocaust” will see two thirds of Hebrews killed. Only then will they call on God to send the Messiah. He will come, and they will see the one who was pierced and mourn.

  4. So, it seems that Israel has sold itself to mafia money like a cheap street whore. What a shame! If I were the POTUS, military assistance to “little mafia land” would cease! Who knows, maybe they even share our technology with big mafia land.

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