Primary source info from the LinkedIn page of Oksana Matiiash this morning in Kyiv

Oct 17

My Monday morning in #Kyiv started not with coffee but with the attacks of Kamikadze drones. Instead of getting ready for the weekly team planning call, we check on each other in our team chat app.

It is hard to work ‘productively’ in an environment like that. It is hard to keep up your team’s morale and, sometimes, your own when you hear explosions happening in proximity.

During the COVID, everyone talked about the pandemic’s consequences on mental health. What about the impact of weekly attacks of deadly drones? How is one supposed to cope with life, work in such circumstances, and achieve results? Well, #Ukrainians do.

I am writing this post, drinking my morning coffee on the floor in the bathroom, which is the safest place in my apartment, while filling in the weekly planning document. Sometimes, it feels surreal.

We are being terrorized daily by Russia because #Ukraine is winning. This what keeps us going and makes us work harder, donate more money and volunteer more hours. Ukraine will will.

standwithukraine #russiaisaterrorisstate #ukrainewillwin


  1. The resiliency of our Ukrainian brethren is simply amazing. I knew my UKIE DNA included tenacity but the never give up attitude with a smile is so wonderful. I love my Ukrainian heritage, brothers and sisters and as I study further, our wonderful history. Moskali needs Ukraine as they have no history or culture and only can live through stealing others. What a miserable country.

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