10/14/2022 – Defender of Ukraine Day – Ruzzia: a terrorist state — Voice of Ukraine

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (233rd day of ruzzian invasion): Today is Defender of Ukraine Day! We bow our heads in tribute and gratitude before all the courageous men and women, warriors of Light who are defending our land, our future and freedom from ruzzian invaders! We continue to pray for strength, God’s protection, and […]

10/14/2022 – Defender of Ukraine Day – Ruzzia: a terrorist state — Voice of Ukraine


  1. Lately, there’s been a comparison in some areas of American conservative media. A metaphor calling out the left-wing by referring to them as if they are ignorant barbarians, and of brave soldiers singing a ballad against their enemies, are portrayed as the right-wing. The song being referenced, is “Men of Harlech,” which tells of fierce fighting pride in Welshmen. It was so stirring to me, that I adapted it into a version favoring the same fierceness in Ukraine’s fight. It’s in the public domain and has been around for a while, so there’s creative restrictions against it being used for this. In case the spam filter thinks I’m a robot again, I’ll paste the lyrics in a comment replying to this one.

    • I meant “no restrictions against it.” Sigh.

      Men of Kyiv stop your dreaming
      can’t you see their spear points gleaming

      see their warrior pennants streaming
to this battle field

      Men of Kyiv stand ye steady
Let it not be ever said of ye,
      For this battle we were unready
Ukrainians do not yield


      From the hills rebounding

      Let the war cry sounding

      Summon all, the clarion call

      the mighty foe surrounding

      Men of Kyiv on to glory

      This will ever be your story

      keep these stirring words before ye 
Ukrainians do not yield


      Fight for father, sister, mother,
Each is bound to each as bother; 
And with faith in one another, 
We will win or die!

      Though our mothers may be weeping,
      Though our sisters may be keeping
watch for some who now are sleeping;

      On the battlefield,

      Still the trumpet’s braying,
      It sounds on ever saying,
Let each shot find their foe,

      And never stop the slaying,

      Until invaders learn to fear us,

      And no enemy linger near us;

      Men of Ukraine! our God doth hear us,

      Never will we yield!

      We’ll not die, be conquered never
Kyiv, Kyiv, lives forever

      Freedoms from the greatest giver
Freedom is our good.

      See the Ukrainians shouting run down

      from the moutains they do come down

      Like a storm that strikes at sun down

      boil up like a flood.

      Ukraine’s strength has made her 
Freedom’s strong crusader
Ukrainian Tridents men have pierced deep

      the heart of the invader

      The mortar is met, by mortar replying

      steel on steel on strength relying
      See the Blue over Gold is flying
      Freedom is in her blood.

  2. Sorry if the translation doesn’t quite work well for those whom English isn’t their language. My phone had a few problems with words running into each other after pasting from my notes.

    • Very nice Sir Mac. I was reminded while I read it of a story I once heard about the ancient Ukrainians when they met up with the Eastern Slavs. I don’t have any time frame for the event just that the Eastern Slavs nicknamed the Ukrainians as “ants.” It might seem strange but it was a compliment.
      The Eastern Slavs showed up and wanted to know who the leaders were for the “ants” and when they answered “we have no leaders, we are all equal” the Eastern Slavs remarked. But when they called for a meeting with the leaders everyone came down to the meetings and they covered the hillsides like ants to the meetings.
      I think today our opponents may be feeling the same way, that Ukrainians have shown up in masses and came out of nowhere. 🙂

      • Nice! Sounds like it’s good comparison then! I wanted to contribute it because although I am an American, I recognize a similar attitude of patriotism. I think if someone can find the sheet music for this song, and sing the adapted lyrics, it would be a great fighting ballad for the current situation. I hope it inspires many for this fight of homeland defense. I’m rather frustrated with how my fellow Americans seem to have forgotten what chivalrous behavior means, and why that’s a big part of my motivations.

        Also, I’m expecting to visit Ukraine in around a month. I will be sure to mention this great blog to my fiancée there in Kyiv, Liudmila’s constantly fearful that I will give up on her, because of the invasion. I wish there was more I could do to cheer her up now, but I think visiting her will be a great help.

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