Russian WWII-era howitzer spotted in occupied Luhansk Oblast

The Twitter user @tiamat007 who’s been monitoring the movement of Russian equipment in the occupied part of Ukraine’s easternmost Luhansk Oblast published a photo of a Russian artillery piece reportedly towed in the area of the city of Alchevsk earlier this month:

Подорожуючи Луганщиною

Алчевські їбєня
жовтень 2022

— Летов Егор (@tiamat007) October 12, 2022

A number of military experts have identified this piece as the Soviet D-1 howitzer M1943, a Soviet World War II-era 152.4 mm howitzer.

#Ukraine: The first photos of a D-1 152mm howitzer in use by Russian (LNR) forces- they were transferred to the DNR/LNR in the end of August, but photos appeared just now.
The D-1 first entered service with the Red Army in 1943.

📸: @tiamat007

— 🇺🇦 Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons) October 12, 2022

This gun’s maximum firing range is only 12.4 km (7.70 mi) which is twice as short as the range of the more modern Soviet howitzer from the 1980s Msta-B firing at a maximum distance of 28.9 km (18.0 mi).

As Ukraine continues to destroy Russian rear ammunition dumps and field artillery positions, Russia seems to be starting to deploy obsolete equipment in Ukraine. Earlier, the Russian troops deployed old tanks T-62 in the south of Ukraine to compensate for the losses of the more modern T-72, T-64, and T-80 tanks.

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    • I’m afraid there’s not much to laugh about though. As we know, the job of the orcs is rape, torture, genocide of civilians and destruction of property. They can do all these things just as well with old WW2 crap.
      The allies need to dramatically step up supplies to the artillerymen of the defenders; most of whom are STILL having to use soviet crap from the 70’s.

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      • Ukrainians are using the old Soviets stuff far better than the Russians are. They are simply far more proficient and flexible than their opponents in Putlerstan. The one advantage of it, is that they are already proficient with it, and the Orcs have left plenty of it behind, along with their ammo. Russia has become the largest contributor to Ukraine’s war effort.

        It would be better to get more modern western weapons, but they can already use the Rooski stuff quite well

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