The Netherlands will give Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles worth 15 million euros in response to Russian shelling

How many missiles Ukraine will receive from the Netherlands is unknown.

The Netherlands will give Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles for 15 million euros / photo REUTERS
The Netherlands will give Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles for 15 million euros / photo REUTERS

Dutch Defense Minister Kaisa Ollongren, during a NATO meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, October 12, announced the transfer of additional anti-aircraft missiles worth 15 million euros to Ukraine to strengthen the protection of the sky .

De Telegraaf writes about it .

The Netherlands usually does not disclose information about the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. However, this time the country’s government decided to make an exception to show that the latest massive rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities by Russia will not go unanswered.

“The only result that Putin will achieve is that we will supply even more because of these types of attacks,” Ollongren said.

The Minister of Defense did not specify exactly how many missiles Kyiv would receive. It is expected that they will be used in anti-aircraft installations that will be provided to Ukraine by other states. 

The Netherlands is also considering the possibility of donating equipment to Ukraine that the Ukrainian army can use in the winter. At the same time, Ollongren did not commit itself to delivering more armored howitzers to Ukraine.

“We always have to look at what armored howitzers we can supply now, and what we need for our own readiness and exercises. We are always looking for a balance,” she summed up. 

Rocket attack on Ukraine: what help partners promise

After massive Russian shelling of Ukrainian cities on October 10-11, Western countries promised to strengthen military support for Ukraine. 

The White House decided to accelerate the delivery of modern NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden  also condemned  Russia’s missile strikes on Ukrainian territory, including Kiev, and promised to continue to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to defend itself.

The European Investment Bank transferred an additional 550 million euros to Ukraine to repair damaged energy infrastructure and maintain the stability of the Ukrainian electricity grid.

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