Breaking: The Crimean bridge caught fire, the road span went under water (photo, video)

Irina Pogorelaya 07:33, 08.10.22 UNIAN

Fuel terminal pre-lit. People are not allowed on the bridge.

Telegram channel of the speaker of the Odesa OVA Bratchuk
Telegram channel of the speaker of the Odesa OVA Bratchuk

A strong fire broke out on the railway line of the Crimean bridge in the morning.

This was announced on the Telegram channel by the speaker of the Odesa OVA Sergey Bratchuk.

“The fuel terminal is on fire beforehand. We are waiting for official information!” he wrote.

According to Russian media, there is a big fire on the bridge and people are not allowed there.

Telegram channel Varlamov News

According to them, a fuel tank is on fire on the bridge. The shipping arches were not damaged.

Telegram channel of the speaker of the Odesa OVA Bratchuk
Telegram channel of the speaker of the Odesa OVA Bratchuk

The road administration “Taman” reported that traffic on the bridge was suspended.

The video, which is being circulated online, shows that the fire has engulfed the railway part of the bridge, and the road has also been significantly damaged.

Explosions in Crimea

Earlier, a series of explosions occurred on the Russian-occupied peninsula. In particular, explosions thundered at the airfield near Novofedorovka in August  .  After that, the Russians began to leave the peninsula en masse. 

Then  there was a “bavovna” near Dzhankoy.  Panic began to spread among the inhabitants of Crimea, and on the way to the Kerch bridge  , a queue of 38,000 cars formed  that wanted to leave the peninsula.

Help UNIAN. On March 18, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation, allegedly as a result of the so-called “referendum on the status of Crimea on March 16, 2014.

The beginning of the occupation of Crimea by Russia was laid by the blockade and seizure of strategic facilities of the peninsula and military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by units of the Russian army, in some cases under the cover of the so-called “little green men”.


    • Partisan activity?
      The new M30A1’s could inflict some decent damage if they can get in range. As far as we know, the range of this new one is not published?

  1. The burnt railroad section will be damaged due to the heat, even if it shouldn’t drop into the water. The one roadway is obviously destroyed.
    This attack (or accident) will constrict the Kerch Straight bridge for some time!

  2. Smoking again?

    Anyway, looking at the video footage just now, that bridge is fucked.

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