A video of the explosion of a truck on the Crimean bridge has been published (from a close distance). And how she was allegedly checked at the post a few minutes before

The Telegram channel Mash has published a video of a truck being checked, which is supposed to have exploded on the Crimean bridge. The footage from the surveillance camera installed at the checkpoint before entering the Krymsky Bridge shows that an employee conducting an inspection quickly looks inside the truck, but does not find anything suspicious there.


Baza, in turn, showed on Telegram a video of a truck explosion on the bridge, filmed from different angles.



It is noted that special equipment has been installed at the entrance to the Crimean bridge, which should track explosives in vehicles.

The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, citing a source in law enforcement agencies , reports that the shift that was checking transport on the Crimean bridge on the morning of October 8 was “detained and interrogated.” “The main version is the human factor: a bribe or negligence,” the Telegram channel writes, noting that “a convenient time was chosen for the explosion” – early Saturday morning, “when all smugglers go to the peninsula.”

The explosion on the Crimean bridge occurred around 6:00 Moscow time on October 8. A truck driving along the automobile part of the bridge exploded. According to the video from the scene, three spans of the automobile part of the bridge collapsed due to the explosion, and the tanks of the train following along the railway part also caught fire. According to Baza, as a result of a fire on the railway part of the bridge, 1.3 kilometers of railway tracks were damaged (the length of the entire bridge is about 19 kilometers).

The Crimean bridge is completely closed. The authorities of the annexed peninsula said that on October 8, the ferry service, which was the main route of communication between Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, would start working before the Crimean bridge was put into operation. The authorities of the annexed peninsula promised tourists who cannot leave Crimea yet one more day of accommodation in hotels and sanatoriums for free. In total, according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, there are about 50 thousand tourists on the peninsula.

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  1. I still don’t see this explosion causing the bridge to collapse, unless it wasn’t safe to begin with. It’s not like it was an impact strike, but more like the force of the blast blew the section of the bridge sideways.

    • I’m a professional Engineer who has had bridge construction and maintenance as partof my portfolio for several years.

      There are several factors that are involved here. First is the brisance and yield of the explosives the truck was carrying. From the video, it is obvious the truck was carrying a lot of high explosive material. The blast wave can do great damage. Go look at the damage that was done to the Federal Building in Oklahoma City back in ’95. That was done with about 5,000 pounds (about 2300 Kg) of Ammonium Nitrate – Fuel Oil (ANFO), which is a very common blasting agent used in the US (the Ammonium Nitrate is the oxidizer, and the oil is the fuel). The blast wave picked up the front of the building and that part collapsed when it fell back in place.

      The blast wave in this case, probably pushed the span off it’s supports, and the part that still stood was seriously damaged as well. The blast wave is what does the damage. I’ve seen demos where black powder (a low explosive) was detonated, then ANFO was denotated. There simply is no comparison. Black powder simply does not produce nearly as much of a blast wave as the ANFO did. Black powder simply does not have the yield of something like ANFO.

      Anyway, the beams are normally fixed at one end, with the other some sort of rocker, or roller, to allow for expansion. If the unfixed end is pushed off, the fixed end can be wrenched completely loose. The span the truck was on fell into the water, and probably pushed the other span off it’s supports, although not completely.

      The other issue is the fire. Steel, when used in buildings, must be fireproofed so it does not soften in a fire. Improper fireproofing is what killed the twin Trade Center towers on 911. Combined with the compromise of the outer supports by the aircraft destroying many of them, the buildings simply did not have the strength to stand. It took and hour so for the fire to work its “magic” on the steel, and that’s why it took over an hour for the collapse to occur.

      Bridge steel is not fireproofed, and the railway fire was enough to permanently compromise the steel used to support the rail bridge. Once the steel is heated beyond a certain point, the steel must be replaced. I had a crane in one half of an old school bus garage. The Sheriff had the other half. The Sheriff’s son caused a fire, somehow, never got a reasonable cause, to which my crane’ s jib was exposed, cooking for awhile as the fire was fought. I could not use that crane anymore as a result.

      If the Russians are smart, and no one has ever accused them of being the shar[pest knife in the drawer, they will keep the bridge closed until those spans are replaced, as well as adjoining spans to be sure the bridge is safe to use again. The repairs will take awhile. anyone wanting to leave Crimea had best be joining the queues for the ferries soon.

    • May just be normal Russian corruption with a little cash having changed hands at the inspection station.

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