The UN explained why they cannot send an investigation mission to Yelenovka

Irina Pogorelaya 06:57, 05.10.22 UNIAN

At the same time, on September 8, the UN assured that its mission should arrive at the place “in the coming days.”

The UN cannot send a mission to Yelenovka \
The UN cannot send a mission to Yelenovka \

The UN fact-finding mission cannot travel to the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka , Donetsk region, where more than 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed, due to a lack of security guarantees.

Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesman for the office of the UN Secretary General, said this at a briefing  .

“We cannot send any mission without ensuring that we have all the security guarantees. There are logistical problems, but first of all we need security guarantees. Until that happens, we cannot send them,” he said.

The representative of the Secretary General refused to specify which side refuses to provide security guarantees to members of the UN mission. “We need a green light for all places. Until this is all the way, we cannot send them to the place,” he explained.

Recall that on September 8, the UN assured that its mission should arrive “in the coming days.”

Explosion in the colony in Olenevka

On the night of July 29, on the territory of the former penal colony in the occupied village of Yelenovka, an explosion destroyed the building where Ukrainian prisoners of war were taken out of the Azovstal plant.

Immediately after the explosion, Russia accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of shelling the penal colony. According to the Russian side, more than 50 Ukrainian defenders were killed, the number of wounded is unknown. The Ukrainian law enforcement agencies called the explosion in Yelenovka a Russian terrorist act to cover up war crimes, discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and disrupt the supply of weapons.

The Ukrainian side has not received official responses from Russia regarding the lists of those killed and wounded as a result of the terrorist act.


  1. This is a perfect example of how blanking worthless the UN is. WTF are they for if they can’t even investigate this sort of mass murder and war crime?
    Then they can’t even say who was refusing security. Ahem, take a look at who’s occupying…and who is blaming Ukraine but refusing security.
    Apparently the negotiations didn’t include any language including the words, “…or else…” Kick these Bandits off the UNSC or nothing is going to improve and the fucking UN will fade away.

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