Putin instead of strengthening the defense in the east focused on holding the south – ISW

Yana Stavskaya 07:31, 02.10.22 UNIAN

At the same time, Putin allocates resources to unsuccessful attempts to storm already de-occupied settlements

Putin is responsible for the failures of his troops / photo REUTERS
Putin is responsible for the failures of his troops / photo REUTERS

Currently, the priorities of Russian President Vladimir Putin are holding the occupied southern regions, and not the defense of the Lugansk region.

This is stated in the report of the Institute for the Study of War ( ISW ).

This is indicated by the data that the RF Armed Forces continue to strengthen their positions in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, despite the recent collapse of the front line in Liman.

“The decision not to reinforce the vulnerable front lines in Kupyansk or Liman was almost certainly Putin’s decision, not the military command’s. It is likely that Putin is much more concerned about holding the strategic territories of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions than Luhansk region,” analysts say.

At the same time, Putin is allocating resources, which he has a limited amount due to military failures, to unsuccessful attempts to storm already de-occupied settlements. So, on October 1, according to the General Staff, the Russians tried to attack Cossack Lopan, which is 5 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Liman’s liberation

On October 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the Liman of the Donetsk region from the occupation , which opened the way to the liberation of the entire Lugansk region.

According to the head of the Pentagon, the loss of the city for the Russians will be very painful. After all, the RF Armed Forces used the settlement as a logistics and transport hub for their operations in the north of the Donetsk region.

His return is Ukraine’s biggest achievement on the battlefield since a lightning-fast counter-offensive in the northeast of the Kharkiv region last month.

The return to Lyman’s control came just a day after Putin announced the illegal annexation of four regions of Ukraine , including Donetsk, where Lyman is located, and placed them under Russia’s “nuclear umbrella”. The “proclamation” of Russian “power” over 15% of the territory of Ukraine was categorically rejected by Ukraine and Western countries as illegal.

Ukraine’s recent successes have angered Putin’s allies, such as Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov , who have called for “more drastic measures,” including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. It is noteworthy that Kadyrov did not blame Putin for the failures, but the local military command. 



  1. I hope that the West focuses very clearly on a major problem with the cockroach army. It should be glaringly visible by now, what damages poor leadership can cause to a military force, even to an apparent powerful one. Germany, in particular, has some very awful generals and political leaders in places they should not be in. I’m sure that, after the war, the Ukrainians will offer help to anyone needing it, in this regard, if they want to.

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