Ukrainian intelligence chief believes Putin has at least three doppelgangers (video)

There are people who understand this in management.


Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has at least three doubles .

He spoke about this in an interview with journalist Natalya Moseychuk.

According to him, there are specialists in intelligence who specialize in this.

“I personally am not a “Putin expert”, let’s put it this way. For me, there are exactly three doubles, which I personally see right away. How many there really are – you just need to raise the information,” Budanov added.

He also said in an interview that quite a lot of Russian officials tried to prevent a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, because they understood what this could lead to.

“But, as you know, in Russia decisions are made by only one person. And he was given the information he wanted to see. In addition, there were certain intra-Kremlin clashes, which had a strong influence on the final decision,” he added. he.

Budanov noted that the final decision on a full-scale invasion was made around 15:00 on February 23.

Putin’s doubles: what is known

The question of the Russian dictator’s likely presence of twins has been repeatedly raised in the media. People noticed changes in the face and in his behavior.

A table of Putin’s doubles even appeared on the net, including: “talker”, “Udmurt”, “diplomat”, “banquet”. 

Earlier, Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin said that Putin periodically uses the services of doubles who perform operational functions.

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