There will be no autumn draft into the army: Zelensky canceled it and postponed demobilization

Victoria Gordienko 09:15, 01.10.22 UNIAN

The Decree enters into force on the day of its publication.

Zelensky canceled the autumn draft / photo from UNIAN
Zelensky canceled the autumn draft / photo from UNIAN

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky canceled the autumn conscription for urgent military service and postponed the autumn demobilization.

This is stated in  decree No. 678 of September 30 .

This decree amended  Decree No. 687 of December 29, 2021  on the transfer to the reserve of military servicemen for fixed-term military service and the timing of regular calls for military service in 2022.

The paragraphs of the decree on demobilization, planned for October-December, are supplemented with the words that it will not occur before the announcement of demobilization.

At the same time, conscription for urgent military service in October-December was cancelled.

The Decree enters into force on the day of its publication.

War in Ukraine: mobilization and military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Recall that in April, Zelensky  canceled the spring conscription  for military service and postponed the spring demobilization.

Then the General Staff noted that during the general mobilization, the recruitment of vacant positions in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations is carried out at the expense of those liable for military service and reservists.

At the end of September 2022, adviser to the head of the President’s Office Mykhailo Podolyak noted that Ukraine does not plan to announce additional  mobilization  against the backdrop of fake “referendums” in the temporarily occupied territories.

Recall that the martial law in Ukraine and the terms of mobilization  were extended almost until winter  – until November 21, 2022.


  1. Does Zel know something we don’t?
    Whilst putler is harvesting shitloads more cockroaches for his genocide, Zel cuts back?
    However many fighting men and women he has at the moment, it’s never enough.
    OR, has he still got huge numbers of volunteers still coming through?
    If so, then it’s fine.

    • I suppose his generals are telling him that they are good to go and besides that they can only outfit so many. It does sound like we haven’t lost many so that’s awesome.

      • Yes I think exactly that. If there is not enough winter gear there is no point in mobilisation for example.

        Also the more waves of mobilisation, the lesser the quality will be.

        I think Ukraine already has a numerical advantage over Russia.

        Of course it is risky. I don’t know how many conscripts Ukraine uses at the battlefield, but given the conditions you cannot let them fight for more than a few months as it will tire them morally and physically.

        But just like RedSquareMaidan I do think the General Staff knows better what they can ask from their servicemen than any of us do.

        So far they have proven to be more than brilliant. Also I lack words to describe my respect for the Ukrainian men and women in the army: they have more courage in their fingernails than I have in my whole body.

        I would completely panic if I would find myself fighting against these savages, but Ukrainians for some reason can remain cool headed despite all hardships and suffering.

        I have no problem admitting I am a snowflake compared to these real men in the Ukrainian army. They have seen the reality of life instead of the safe bubble I live in in Western-Europe.

        Also, I have huge respect for the Ukrainians never lose their dignity and respect for human lives despite fighting these ruthless monsters. They do not resort to torture, lootings and even try to take care of animals in abandoned places.

        Ukrainians are amazing people, and I think after the war Ukraine will be Europe’s country that by far has most potential.

    • I think that his military leaders know what they’re doing. This is very good news, in my opinion.

  2. If anything, this is very good news. This decree proves the satisfactory condition that the UA forces still are in, even after 7 months of brutal warfare. It also proves that there are more than enough volunteers who want to fight the evilness that has befallen their country.

What is your opinion?