Russian War Protester Shoots Commander Trying to Draft Citizens

While many Russians have opted to flee the country to dodge Vladimir Putin’s desperate draft for the war in Ukraine, one man took his protest a little bit further and shot a recruitment commander.

Local authorities announced Monday’s attack, which unfolded in the city of Ust-Ilimsk in the Irkutsk region of Siberia. A video of the incident inside an enlistment office appears to show the unidentified gunman dressed in military fatigues firing on the official at point-blank range, causing other potential draftees to flee the room.

The shooter identified himself in a video published on social media as 25-year-old Ruslan Zinin, Reutersreports. Writing on encrypted messaging app Telegram, Irkutsk regional governor Igor Kobzev said the draft officer was left fighting for his life and remained in a critical condition after the shooting. Kobzev added that the shooter had been detained and “will absolutely be punished.”

A witness to the shooting said the gunman opened fire after the recruiting commander had delivered a “clumsy” pep talk for the men assembled in the office to go off to battle in Ukraine. “Nobody is going anywhere,” the shooter said before beginning the assault, the witness told the Baikal People outlet, according to The Guardian.

The shooting is just the latest attack on Russian enlistment offices since Putin announced the mobilization of around 300,000 new troops last Wednesday, which has plunged the country into chaos. At least 17 administrative offices have been torched in arson attacks since the call-up was announced, according to the independent Mediazona news site, with many fearing that the initially limited mobilization will eventually expand to encompass much greater numbers than those touted by the Russian president.

Hundreds of Russians have also been arrested after public protests opposing the draft as thousands more have attempted to get out of their homeland before it’s too late. An alarming report over the weekend suggested that the Kremlin is planning to take the extreme measure of closing the border to men of fighting age on Wednesday in order to stop the drain of potential reserves for Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

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  1. This looks like another huge failure by Putler, I’m just surprised he hasn’t blamed the West for all these protests.

    • Zel does not believe putler is bluffing.
      Much depends on the strength of the wording in the warning given by the US to the genocidal rat nazi.
      Commenters in the readers section of the DT are speculating on the meaning of the one million criminals, societal dregs and ethnic minorities being taken by putler’s press gangs, such as Tatars, Mongols, Buryats and many others. Muscovy residents get an easy ride.
      Putler gets to eliminate people he doesn’t want for his fourth reich, whilst still inflicting terrible damage on Ukraine. Win win for the nazi scrote.
      Further speculation suggests that the 1m expendables could be used to occupy a ruined post-nuked Ukraine.
      How to avoid this? Give Ukraine the weaponry it needs right now and start prepping an expeditionary force of elite troops. Start an undeclared NFZ zone.

      • A lot depends on what the US have told Putler will happen if he nukes Ukraine. If the US have told him a devastating response to any nukes, then Putler won’t gamble. He threatened Sweden and Finland, nothing happened. IMO he has to try and keep up his tough guy image because he’s on very shaky ground. I have no doubt the Chinks and Indians have warned him against using nukes also, especially India. If Putler gets away with using nukes, then Pakistan will start launching them into India.

  2. Maybe we should give all Russians a free ticket to the EU. When they arrive we will place them into nice concentration camps. We will call them “Cute Concentration camps” so they all want to go. After all Russians are safely behind barbed wire we will declare Russia a natural reserve.

    We will put a lot of LEGO bricks on the floor in the Cute Concentration Camps (CCC). The Russians will then die in a few days because they all stepped on LEGO bricks. The Russians will then be transported back to Russia so they can be used as a fertiliser.

    And everyone lived long and happy after all.

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