On protests in Russia; a few facts

From FB page; Stand With Ukraine

By Stephen Hoffman

September 25, 2022

I’ve seen a few misleading posts on the protests in Russia, which given they are unauthorised as they don’t have the approval of the state and many are getting arrested, we should be praising the bravery of and supporting, not attacking. Yes self-interest will be playing a role, but they are protesting against a regime which is key to invading Ukraine. So here are some facts to know.

  1. The group who has organised the protests across Russia is anti war and helped organise the anti war protests in February and March, which were brutally crushed and the main opposition leaders involved and many others imprisoned.
  2. Both anti war chants and anti mobilisation chants have been heard at the protests including niet voyne. Just saying the word war under new repressive legislation since the invasion of Ukraine can lead you to being in jail for 15 years. One of the chants heard was niet voyne, which translates as no to war.
  3. The protests are unauthorised and therefore illegal, as unsurprisingly the state hasn’t approved them. Many of those attending are getting arrested and most know they will. To me that shows bravery.
  4. Even if for self interest its protesting against the totalitarian regime which is leading this war with the army. Anything which attacks them in my view is good.
  5. There are many things and people who deserve attacking. Russian protesters isn’t one of them. Indeed, I want them to grow and grow.
  6. A thread on opposition in Russia.


  1. None of this makes me any less disgusted by Putin, the Kremlin, the Russian Army and Putin supporters. Nor am I blind to the fact that 22 years of brainwashing and 100 years of mostly dictatorships will have a significantly negative impact on society. I’m just recognising that not all Russians are to blame and that those protesting are putting themselves in the crossfire of the totalitarian state Putin runs.




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