Kadyrov: there will be no mobilization in Chechnya

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov said that mobilization would not be carried out in the republic. According to him, this is because during the war in Ukraine, Chechnya “exceeded the mobilization quota”.

According to Kadyrov, 20,000 people from Chechnya took part in hostilities during the war. Thus, the republic exceeded the “plan” by 254%, he said.

At the same time, according to Kadyrov, the relatives of the women who tried to hold an anti-war rally in Grozny earlier have already been drafted and sent to Ukraine. He also threatened that anyone who went to the rally, or their husbands and all their children, would be sent to the front lines.

Earlier, Kadyrov announced that his fighters were transitioning to “a new tactic during the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Kadyrov assured that Russia would regain control over the Kharkiv region and reach Odessa. He admitted that mistakes were made by Russian troops in the Kharkiv direction.

(C)UAWIRE 2022

One comment

  1. The words from this gutter rat show that there’s a lot of fantasy in what mafia land will achieve. But, I think he knows that it’s all just a fairy tale, otherwise he’d be more open to a mobilization in Chechnya. The “mobilization quota” he mentioned is also a fairy tale.

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