BBC News; some corrections for you

We will have a clearer picture when we start calling things what they really are.

From the LinkedIn page of Yana Rudenko.

Sept 22, 2022

Mariupol didn’t trigger protests.

Bucha or #Izium didn’t.

Nuclear terrorism in #Energodar didn’t.

Hundreds of dead Ukrainian children and tortured Ukrainians didn’t.
It was just fine for #russians when #Ukraine got attacked, and russian ethnic minorities from the far east were those who killed and died amid invasion.
🤡 Privileged muscovites prefer Ukrainians to be murdered by illiterate private from Yoshkar-Ola or Buryatia.

P.S. russia wants to mobilize 300 000 russians. For Ukraine, honestly, it is a threat as we care about our people, our defenders. We don’t want anyone to die, so we need arming to defend our country. #ArmUkraineNow

russia #russiaterroriststate #mobilization



  1. That is true. No one demonstrated in mafia land as the horrors their army were committing in Ukraine became known, one after the other. But, it’s a different matter when the prospects of Ivan Average having to go to war becomes obvious. What a filthy, despicable country!

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